Am I missing something?

I’ve seen this STRATFOR piece bandied about on my regular Internet haunts (I know, I know… I’ll get my blogrolls up soon).  Far be it from me to question the “Shadow CIA”, but…


If you go to that article and hit CRTL + F and in the search window that comes up you type “China”, then hit next; a little window pops up that declares “Text Not Found”.   Odd?  You would think a Geopolitical Think Piece would talk about the near orgasmic joy that China must be feeling.  Obama is going to positively reek of amateurish weakness in the arena of Geopolitics.  If they want Taiwan bad enough, and I believe they do, they will be able to stroll in and take it before 2012.


Now he can play it off as a non event to the American Public who will only care if it affects the air dates of American Idol.  But he will have ZERO credit left with any allies for letting such a strategic prize float away on the wind.   


I also disagree with his assessment of the media.  I believe the wagons will be circled for the better part of his first 3 years.  They won’t start reporting negatively until it’s obvious that he’s lost the support of the American people.  And remember, the media drives the support of the American People.  The fish is gonna have to smell pretty rotten before the Media admits it. 


The media is in the tank for Obama.  They bought and paid for him.  They aren’t gonna throw him under the buss so quickly.  Don’t be a fool and think they will report things honestly.  They haven’t done that since… well… ever!


There will be no back biting at least until the MSM gets The Fairness Doctrine  and Grassroots Communications Restrictions.  Once they have that (at least TFD) and no longer need Obama, you may see the worm turn.  Obama knows this; he won’t give them TFD until after the 2010 mid-terms unless he absolutely has too.  So The Chosen One will still be Golden in the MSN for the better part of 3 years.  Even then, they’ll hold their serious analysis until after 2012. 


The biggest disagreement I have is the author’s accretion that you gain support by altering your agenda.  How do I put this politely?  BOVINE FECAL MATTER!  You gain support by sticking to your guns and CONSTANTLY CAMPAIGNING FOR YOUR SIDE!   You win support by being firm in your convictions and showing your face in public ever other day with another reason to follow you into the gates of Hell itself.


<rant Style:Redfaced> 

I’m getting really sick of political smarty pants who seem to stroke their erudite beards and muse eloquently of how victories are won buy compromise and striking a middle ground.  HORSE MANURE!  You talk to any person who has ever won ANYTHING of lasting merit and they will tell you that it takes full bore, balls to wall, all or nothing effort.  The Left understands this.  Someday, the Right is going to have to wake up and realize it too.


Don’t listen to the BS about, “Moderation,” and, “Bipartisanship.”  You want to win?  You drop a set and risk everything.  The Left has done that and they run the country now.  Are you listening conservatives?  No.  Probably not.  *sigh*  You are probably dismissing advice like this as you did from 1996 through the present day and saying to yourselves, “How can we sell out more to get them to like us?”


Well, I can guarantee you that Obama knows this.  He learned it well.  If anyone honestly believes that he’s going to table his personal hatred for The Constitution and Capitalism and “moderate” his tone to “gain support”, you really need to put down the koolaid and wake up the the fact that this is an open, decalred, and total war.  That’s The Chigago Way


Make no mistake.  This is war as far as our new Chicago Thug Leadership is concerned.  Unless the Right accepts that this is not “politics as usual” and girds its loins for the onslaught of Hell, it will be destroyed.  It’s already scattered to the four winds with no leadership in sight. 






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