Civic Duty Discharged.

First off…  Going downtown and walking the streets Disarmed to discharge my Civic Duty seems to me to be the penultimate irony.  The framers of the Constitution and BoR must be spinning in their graves.  Honestly, if I had a time machine and could only do ONE thing with it; it might be to go back to the Continental Congress on July 3rd and tell them, “Seriously Dudes!  Don’t bother.  We aren’t even gonna make it one hundred years before we chuck the whole idea of a limited government out the window.  You are wasting your time and blood.”

My County is doing a much better job of steering the cattle assembling the jurors than I remember from jury duties past. 

Out of all the Sheriffs Deputies and Bailiffs that were present; it did give me a chuckle that all but one (ours) was packing plastic of some sort.  Ours carried a nice double stack 1911.  Good on him. 

The case was one that I honestly could not be unbiased on and told the judge so.  I felt kinda bad about that for a while during Voir Dire (pronounced VOR DIE’R in Texas. I know, I know…).  “Maybe I should at least try?”  Then the Defendant’s Attorney stood and opened his mouth.  Yep… I was in no way going to be impartial.  After his “Closing Arguments” and Poisoning of the Jury (to both, the ADA tried valiantly to object), I would have been ready to hang the defendant for his Class A Misdemeanor.  …Especially if I could have thrown the lawyer in the gallows too. 

The day did manage to confirm several beliefs:

1) Lawyers suck.
2) Civics classes aren’t really taught anymore.
3) People are dumb.
4) 1911’s are way cool.
5) Govn’t Buildings should be forced to have lockers so you can stow your shootin’ irons. (or shootin’ plastics)
6) We could lessen the load on both the courts and police if more citizens were armed.  (Granted, that may over work the Medical Examiners office for about a year until criminals chose safer professions.)
7) I never ever ever ever …EVER… want to end up in “That Chair” depending on some over-educated under-ethiced ambulance chaser for my freedom. 

After being released at way too late in the afternoon with nary a cookie to keep me from hypoglycemic murder (maybe that’s the real reason they disarm you?), I managed to make it back to my car, rearm, and head home in a miserable Texas Cost Autumnal* shower

A dreary day.  A dreary duty.  A dreary case.  And a renewed dreary outlook on law, politics, and the state of the COTUS in general.  Blah. 

*I use the term “Autumn” in its loosest sense and merely as a time reference.  The word “Autumn” conjures up images of turning leaves and crisp smells in the air.  That is not so on the gulf coast.  We don’t have a true “Autumn”.  We don’t even have “Fall”.  We have “Fell”.  One day it’s 90+ degrees with 100% humidity; the next it’s 80+, 90% humidity, and the leaves have turned brown over night and are on the ground needing to be raked.


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