So That’s What This Is?

We’ve all been in destructive relationships.  Right?  Come on!  I know you have and so have I. 

So I’ve been nursing that sick, abandoned, lonely feeling in my gut since Nov 4th or as I will forever call it “The day The American Dream died”.* 

That feeling’s been more than just a feeling of dread for my children and grandchildren who will have to put up with the mess that these fools are going to create.  It’s more than just a worry those future generations will not understand what it means to be free.  It’s far beyond a realization that The US just sold its birthright for a government supplied monthly subsistence check.  So what the hell is it?  Why do I feel like I’ve just been hammered by God’s own fist?

Then it struck me.  I just got out of a bad relationship.  Conservatives gather round and listen. 

For YEARS (since 1996 really) we were told that Republicanism LOVES us.  “Vote for us and we’ll give you Regan all over again.”  With starry eyes and hearts full of longing we believed that the Party of Regan would be, once again, the party of less government and more personal responsibility.  So we stayed. 

When told to, “sit down and do as you are told cause if you don’t you’ll have to deal with, ‘you know who’,” we did.  We stayed in line because the bogeyman was right outside the door.  And like a battered spouse we kept coming back to the alcoholic Republicans, so drunk on power and embarrassed by us that they kept us in the house like an ugly socially inept wife.  Too uncouth for their “Inside the Beltway” parties because of our Guns and our God, we were kept in the shadows; happily trotted out when someone needed to be thrown under the bus so the blue bloods could mock us and save face for their real friends and mistresses, the DC media.

Since 2005, the abuse became worse.  There was no longer a pretense of, “we’re doing this for your own good.”  We were told we didn’t matter.  We were shown the door and told to get the hell out or shut the hell up.  Republicans would be better off with out us. 

2006 hit and we said, “Now she’ll see how much she needs us!”  So we tried again and got a big fat backhand across the face called John McCain.   Oh, when he thought he might still need us, he called on Sarah.  Of course he treated her every bit like he treated the rest of us (especially after the election). 

So November 5th rolled around.  Our abusive Significant Other lost their job and, without so much as batting an eye, blamed US for their failings.  Because of that, many Conservatives are finally done.  There is no more bogeyman.  There is no more threat of, “something worse” if we don’t tow the line.  Something worse has happened and it can’t get worse.  We’ve hit that rock bottom when it’s time to simply say, “God bye.” 

And that’s the little pain I feel in the pit of my stomach.  It’s JUST LIKE those bad relationships that led me to rock bottom times in my life when there was nothing left but   anger and sadness.  And both emotions are focused on me in a brutal second guessing and self loathing.  “What if I’d have bailed in 2000 or 2004?”  All the coulda-woulda-shouldas come out like demons to feast on the regrets of the past.   

So Republicanism and the Conservative Movement are headed for Divorce court.  The only question remains is; who gets the house?  Stay tuned to that one.  That’s going to be a bitter fight.

* I would like to call it “Dark Tuesday” in dishonor of The US turning to the Darkside of Socialism and officially becoming “Little Europe”, but that would be taken by some to be racially insensitive.  And I wouldn’t want all you hippies to loose your minds over a misinterpretation because you are too PC to be able to think for yourselves.



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