The Avalanche Has Already Started.

…It is too late for the pebbles to vote.

As had been pointed out by these sites and others; there has been a TON of post Ascension election panic buying of things that go boom and their related parts.  So I’ve decided to place my quick bets on the future state of the 2nd Amendment.  

It’s toast.

Ok, let me expand on that.  I think we will be ok this coming congress.  Carolyn “the shoulder thing that goes up” McCarthy will get to float another AWB up in The House.  She MAY even get enough momentum to get magazines over ten rounds banned again.  But I doubt it.   SanFranNan is going to have to give something to the Blue Dogs in The House to take back to their Constituents. 

Being able to say, “I voted against them nasty Liberals who were tryin’ to take your guns,” may be just the ticket to keep the “Conservative” *coughBScough* Dems in office in 2010.   It will give them the cover to vote for all the other Socialist power grabs that won’t hit the landscaped andpocket book until after 2010. 

But then in 2011, some “tragedy” will befall some mall or (“hopefully”, in the minds of the Socialists at least) a school.   Anyway, some “Victim Disarmament Zone” will get hit and, “OH THE TRAGEDY!  OH THE HUMANITY!”   It will be too much for the country to bear.  An AWB with no sunset and possibly NO GRANDFATHERING will sail through congress (now that all the “Elections Reforms” will be in place, there won’t be much of a chance for an incumbent to get unseated short of raping a puppy on camera or eating a baby… and then only if he’s got an “R” after his name.). 

The AWB will be followed in 2012 by some very serious handgun restrictions.  Again, those will be shot down by the Blue Dogs to keep the voters happy since it is an election year and strange things can happen in The House. 

Now here’s where the crystal ball get hazy.  If the Conservatives find a voice, we may see the end of any new restrictions for a while. Although we certainly won’t see the repeal of any of the mess anytime soon (if ever). 

If, however, it’s as I fear and it won’t be until 2014 that Conservatives get a real leader; 2012 and 2014 could see the end of handgun sales as we know it, the beginning of registration of all guns, the end of Internet sales of all guns, parts, and ammo, and the Federal preemption of State Concealed Carry Laws.  

The Supreme Court will have been adjusted to the point that none of these things will be a problem for the Socialists to kill.  In other words, The Second Amendment will be deader than a truck load of doornails come 2016 with nothing that can be done about it. 

But take heart… the First Amendment will die right along with the Second so it’s not like they will be playing favorites.

PSST… God… this would be one of those times when I wouldn’t mind being wrong.  I know it doesn’t happen often (unless you listen to my wife), but could this be one of them?  Please???? 


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