And…………. PANIC!

So… I want to know if all you Panic Buyers of boomsticks and said accessories voted?  I find it hard to believe that you did.  I’ll table that for now and pray that your panic stricken willingness to pay $40 for USGI AR mags is not indicative of possible brain dead voting habits. 

Let’s take a very deep breath.  Better?  Ok.  Yes, Virginia, guns will be impacted.  They will be hit very hard at some point in the next 2 to 6 years.  But until then, why in the name of all that is Holy are you willing to pay over premium prices to gunshow crooks?   Yes, the price if going to go up, it’s unavoidable.  But, $40 for ONE(1) USGI 30 rounder???? Maybe when a law actually passes. 

Dorks.  You should have been planning this since 2006.  It’s not like the Politics Fairy dropped into our fare nation and gave the GOP a spine?  It’s not like “Compassionate Conservatives” *puke* (read moderate spineless bastards) suddenly were escorted to the political guillotine removing their stain from Republican Party Politics.  No… We all knew this was coming.  We saw all the signs and knew beyond all hope that the Obamasiah was coming to shake this nation to its very core.  If you are panic buying now, you are a dork.

Now perhaps if you would have put as much energy and scratch into keeping The Chosen One out of office as you are doing trying to buy last tin of Bully Beef before the storm hits, we, MAYBE, would be looking at a very different tomorrow.


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