Lucy! You Got Some Splainin’ To Do.

From the “Bet they wish they had a Time Machine” Department.

We find that another firearms manufacturer has had an acute case of CranialRectitis.

For a moderated POV, we read BRM.  From the, “Get a rope,” side of the isle, there’s the mild mannered, always soft spoken Tam

I work for a company that lives and dies by letters of recommendation.  When you are going to say, “Hey, this guy likes us!”  It’s a VERY good idea to see who that guy is and who he may have gunning for him. 

I find it a bit hard to believe that someone, somewhere along the way, didn’t say, “Who is this chappy we are working with?”  You can’t tell me that SOMEONE didn’t know the history behind this name.  NO ONE?  Really????

If not, It should be a lesson to ANYONE who may have the misfortune of having to market something by way of recommendation.  You MAY NOT want to blindly say, “Thank you,” when some nice gentlemen come into your linen store, buy up all you white sheets, and then say, “We are going to tell all our friends about this place.”

Now I can’t, and won’t, speak to the many pooched incidents and machinations that lead up to the shooting of a mother.  But I will comment on target acquisition and shooting.  YOU AND ONLY YOU are responsible for EVERY DAMN BULLET that comes out of your gun. PERIOD! FULL STOP!  The ONLY time that reality is mitigated is when you are at war.  This was not war.  If you aren’t 100% sure of what your target is and what is beyond it, then you don’t get to shoot; Especially when playing with high powered rifles that will go through a human sized target like a lounge singer though a cover tune. 

When your targets pose no immediate threat, are diving for cover, and you know there are others in the area that may receive your love tap errantly, you don’t get to pull the trigger.  How the FBI could place a person who obviously doesn’t have clue one about the basics of firearms handling anywhere near a project to pick a new rifle for the same work he couldn’t do and messed up to the tune of a human life, is far beyond my ability to understand.  However it does seem perfectly in keeping with the best traditions of


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