Strokes, Stem Cells, and MSM Blinders

BRM has this on a possible stroke cure.  Nothing would have helped my mother.  But it nice to see some may not have to suffer long term from terrible strokes. 

Although it’s still very hard to read this and not want to take my keyboard to the walls and cry like a baby ( I just don’t have time to schedule an emotional break down right now or else I would).

One point of note:

The stem cells, taken from bone marrow, have been genetically engineered to make a drug that protects brain cells from dying. 

Hmmm…  I thought the only hope for mankind was to kill babies in utero and harvest their stem cells.  How is it that just about ALL the success from stem cells is coming from NON-FETAL cells.  yet when you read one of these articles it’s “STEM CELLS SAVE THE DAY!”  You have to read rather far into the story to get the almost parenthetical throwaway remark, “The cells comes from XXXXX,” and XXXXX is never a fetus.  

You would THINK, and i know this is crazy talk, that a TRUE journalist and reporter would, you know, put two and two together and start asking questions like, “Um… why exactly do we need Fetal Stem Cells if all the adult and umbilical ones are making so much progress?  Should I follow the money?” 

No… let’s just tar and feather Joe the Plumber and anyone who stands up to The Chosen One™.  Asking questions against the established laws of the MSN is too difficult.

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