Motivated yet? And to do what?

I saw the following quote in an office.

“There are no such things as limits to growth, because there are not limits to the human capacity for intelligence, imagination, & wonder!”

This is why I hate Motivators.  Dicey Grammar aside (who am I to throw ellipses)… I would like to call BS on this.  Humans are finite beings.  We live in a finite world.  We exist for a finite moment on the cosmic social calendar and take up woefully small entries in the Galactic ToDo list.

We have limits.  If you say humans have no limits, then you are saying that humans are gods.  I really don’t like ticking of God by comparing myself to Him*.  Bad things happen to beings who do.  I think Michael said it best, “Who is like unto God?”

Now… I’m willing to admit that we are pretty expansive beings.  We are abnormally smart hairless apes and have quite bold imaginations.  But Limitless???? I much prefer the Quote I’ve heard from Fr. John Corapi,

“God has placed obvious limits on our intelligence, but none what so ever on our stupidity.”

Now even that is wrong because we are finite.  Although… when you think about it, we killed God.  …literally.  We offed the infinite!  So I guess there is an argument that can be made about our limitless stupidity.  So I will amend my initial statements in the spirit of fairness. 

We humans are limited, except when our imaginations turn toward evil.  Then, we may just be close to limitless in what harm we can bring about.  If that is what the author of the first quote wanted to convey**, then I agree.

Happy Easter!  And remember… thou art mortal.

* The real God.  Not the fake one in D.C.***
** I have my doubts
*** Actually, I don’t want to be compared to him either. 

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