Peel THIS!

Yeah yeah…  Nothing’s been funny or interesting to me for a while.  Guess you can figure out why.  Nothing is still very funny.  Not a Socialist as POTUS and a liar as VPOTUS.  Not an economy driven down by the News Media and Congress Pre-Election; who now are trying to paint a happy face on the smallest positive number to show that TheOne(tm) has re-made the world in His Image. 

Nope.  Nothing.  So I’m just going to vent.  The straw that has broken this camel’s back?  The stupid “Peel Me” feature on Apps and Internet Sites. 

You have the newest version of Live Messenger?  Then you’ve seen it.  Use as your search engine? You’ve seen it.  I know that it’s not new.  It was cute when Ask first put it on…  But I really hate it now.  I don’t want to Peel You.  Seriously!  I want to look for “Did they cancel Reaper,” “Chess Lyrics*,” or, “.50 BMG ricochet video.”**  Neit interested in “peeling you” for a Geico Quote!

And don’t get me started on Live Messenger.  I’m not peeling ANYTHING that M$ asks me to peel.  I’ll wind up with a 4 hour download that needs 3 visits to to get working. 

There.  I feel better.  Not much… but it’s a start.  Or a restart??? Whatever.

*Original London Score is the best
**My actual last 3 searches.

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