Do people really fall for this?

I’m really kinda sick of the way companies have used the media driven “climate change”* phobia to market themselves.  Case in point, the DOZENS of emails entreating me to, or admonishing me for not, signing up for “Green Billing.”   Guys, don’t piddle on my Keens and tell me it’s bad weather.  The reason YOU want “Green Billing” is so YOU don’t have to send me actionable file-able hard copies.  You get to 1) cut out the expense of a paper bill and 2) cut the U.S. Mail fraud laws out of your daily grind.  

On point 1: I never see any savings to me in these “Green” deals.  No, you tell a guy he’s now “Green” and he’s supposed to just love that he’s cut your operating cost and made things harder for himself and you didn’t even, to quote Gunnery Sgt. Hartman, “have the <bleep> common courtesy to give him a reach-around?”

On point 2: While I can’t prove this and I’m not a lawyer, don’t these companies take their legal headaches down from 800 mg of Advil to 400 when they stop sending U.S. Mail that has its own hairy regs on what the Post Master General considers fraud?  Would seem to me that a few lawyers could be laid off after getting people off snail mail.  Ok… so maybe that is not a bad thing.   But back to point 1, I want to see some lagniappe for my concessions!

Don’t get me started on e-surance.  Yeah… you are saving the planet with an attempt at a paperless insurance scam.   Oh wait?  I have to print out my forms, proof of insurance, and policy?  So exactly how is that paperless?  It’s mail-less, but hardly paperless. 

*Remember kids, it’s “Climate Change” now that “Global Warming” is being hammered away at by real science. 

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