I fear my kids doing something like this because, honestly, I’m not sure I could discipline them with a straight face.

Seems that some seniors had a bloody brilliant idea for a prank.  In a reversal of  the the old “re-assemble the VW in the teachers lounge” trick, our future leaders committed a wee bit o’ B and E and moved the desks from inside several temporary buildings on to the roofs of said buildings.  Now yes, I know… they broke the law and need some form of punishment. 

But honestly peeps… doesn’t it fill your heart with a little gladness that our youngsters still find fun in the pure lameness of a well played prank.  No one gang raped a hooker.  No one rolled a bum.  No cheerleaders were deflowered by the team.  It was a good honest to goodness teenage prank.  And while we must, as adults, put on our stern faces and growl; a little bit of you must be happy.  Kids being kids makes me more than a bit happy. 

However, given our zero tolerance (read “zero intelligence” or “zero backbone”) schools, I’m sure this was one of the worst things these kids could do for their educational careers.  They would have an easier time had there been a mass knocking up of cheerleaders.  Hell, I bet that principal doesn’t bat an eye when he finds out that one of his female students was driven to “the clinic” by a member of the football team to have “a procedure.”   Meh.  I wish them luck. 

I hope the punishment is making them pay for the costs of the clean up and some good old fashioned Manuel Labor beside the highway.  But I bet they get a suspension, lose scholarships, and aren’t allowed to participate in sports and activities.  Because while we can have kids having sex, aborting babies, dealing with graphic sex ed classes, and being taught that success isn’t important; we can’t have kids, you know… acting like kids.  And we certainly can’t have boys acting like boys!

Now everyone take your ritalin and be quiet.


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