Um… Sycophant much?

It’s hard to make witty comments about this.  It just really makes me sad.

I would, just once in my life, like to feel, just for an instant, what if feels like to have absolutely no shame.  I think it would be an interesting experiment that I would not want to last more than, say, 2 seconds.  I think it would be very educational.  I might even be able to understand how, allegedly, intelligent newsies can put finger to keyboard and type something that reads like teenage girl gushing in her diary about her super hunky teen idol future hubby.  “*sigh* After he reads this, I’m sure he’ll ask me to the Prom!”

Frosted deities on a cheese cracker!  If you push your imagination ever so slightly, you can almost see the author turning the copy over and endlessly scribbling, “Bill Obama,” with little hearts above the “I” and smiley faces in the “O.” 

An approval rating similar to several of the last presidents and he’s she “Super Prez?” 

Now I know why these types of gushy mushy wuvy things are still popping up in the media.  Well… besides the fact that they all think he’s the greatest thing since Roe v. Wade.  They are trying to put the bloom back on the rose.  He did not bring about world peace in his first months as POTUS and many simpering lefties were real expecting him to solve everything completely right now.  But that isn’t the really problem.  After all, where will the die hard lefties go?  His major problem is that many “moderates”* who fell for the incessant drum beat mantra of “BUSH EEEEEVIIIIIL!” and voted for Obama because a third Bush term was going to be a catastrophe (Never mind he wasn’t even running), are now realizing that, “You know, this guy just might be dangerous?”

I was just tinkering with my next post about those sudden realizations of doom and gloom when I saw that stupid CNN piece of dren.  I’m now convinced that it’s a bit more wide spread a problem for the POTUS after reading the CNN love letter  blog**.  Let me tidy that  up and will post shortly.

*Moderate = Leftist who only feels confident in numbers. 
**Matt, why does the word “blog” show up as misspelled in the WordPress*** spell check????
***Matt, why does the word “WordPress” show up as misspelled in the WordPress spell check????

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