Fact Checking: The Forgotten Art.

 I hit WordPress.com in the late AM as per my usual lunch time routine (provided I have no clients on the wire).  I ran across this page under one of the top links sections.  My Spidey Sense kicked into overdrive after my prey sensing hind brain did a short calculation.  “(Industry Group + Nazi Propaganda / Availability of PhotoChops ^ “MeatIsMurder&MaleDominance” Eviro-whackjobs) x Gullibility of Das InterW3bbers =  BS”

 I used to work for… What?  Excuse me folks…  

*Muffled Voices*  huh?  OpSec?  Oh…

 I used to work for a Food Industry Group and even our relatively small outfit would never have dreamed of copying a Nazi propaganda poster for ANYTHING.  Not even as an in house joke.  Nein, durchaus nicht!  Das ist streng verboten!  Das ist… um… That is a media melt down waiting to happen. 

 Plus I didn’t remember there being a “Meat Council” and there wasn’t.  At least when I was in da biz.  There is a Meat Association Council that comes up as under a search for “Meat Council” on ask.com.  It wasn’t formed until 2003.  So no wonder I didn’t recognize it.  But a quick look at what they do didn’t lead me to figure them for the publicity poster type.  They look much more behind the scenes to me.

 The parent organization of MAC is the AAMP (American Association of Meat Producers) which bills itself as, “…North America’s largest meat trade organization.”  A point that Hollywood, the “Adult” film industry, and pimps everywhere might contest, but I digress.   I’ve emailed the AAMP to ask for a comment.  Nothing back as of yet, but, should they respond, and who knows if they will, I’ll be really blow off kilter if they say, “Um… yeah.  We did that.  Sorry, our bad.  We are investigating it.”   But who knows? 

 The point of this is; when you see something on the InterNot; Snopes it, do a little ask time, or just use your freaking common sense before you set bFeathersRuffled and bPantiesInWad to True.

Please feel free to set bHackelsAtTheReady = True if you wish.  A Condition in which, I thing, 80% of Westerners live their lives already.


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