Countdown to Commie Goodness!

No… not Obama’s impending filibuster proof Senate majority.  This

Nagant Revolver from

Nagant Revolver from

 I finally decided I needed one of these chunks of commie steel and wood.  OpSec be damned, I’m just jazzed as hell that my M38 is about to have a friend.  YAY!  Besides, if BATFE(ces) what’s to know about it, they will see it in my bound book.  If you don’t know what a bound book is?  You are lucky.  That means you either don’t have to deal with the ridiculous FFL regs or you don’t have MilSurp-itis.  in either case, keep it that way.

Anywhoo… AIM is sending me my newest safe queen on the “slow boat to China” shipping plan, so I won’t see it until next-next week sometime.  Eh… I’ve waited this long to blow $80, I can wait a little while longer. 

In the meantime, I’ll just have to have fun reading about it.  Some linky love for your M-1895 reading pleasure Here, Here, and Here.   And don’t think THIS hasn’t crossed my mind!


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