I Wish Montana Wasn’t So Cold

This is the kind of thing that makes me happy.  By way of former merchant of death, Larry Corriea

It’s seeds like this that must be watered and cared for.  Someday, maybe, with all the fertilizer that D.C. is spreading, from these little beginnings, the beautiful flower of State’s Rights may just be reborn. 

And if you don’t think there is an undercurrent of unhappyousity toward The Beltway down here in Texas, you only have to look at way the MSM circled the wagons when Governor Haircut made his secession comment.  They moved hard to paint him as a cook and wacko with “man on the street” interviews and poll after poll that really didn’t address the underlying questions. 

Make no mistake, I’m no fan of The Haircut nor do I support secession.  …Yet.  But it’s really funny.  Wouldn’t think a comment like that, if it’s SOOOOOO insane, would be worth several minutes on the local snooze, let alone national?  Think someone was, maybe, a wit bit concerned?  Could it be that, maybe, we aren’t as united as the MSM and DNC  make us out to be.  Could it be that Our Savior in Chief doesn’t give everyone tingles in their legs? 

Yes.  This gives me some hope.  And as the song goes, “… any little bit will do.”

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