Should I be skeered?

This one doesn’t quite scare me.  BUT, this isn’t the first time our glorious leaders have tried to run something like it up the flag pole.  Remember Section 220 of Senate Bill 1 from back in ’07?  They will keep coming back again and again with restrictions on us until they get what they want.

A little at a time.  Slowly…  Accepting failures at first.  A nibble here…  A bite there…  But at some point, if we aren’t; careful, for the good of the children/environment/peace, we will have a string of regulations that effectively kills opposition speech on the internet. Don’t believe me? Look at the Campaign Finance laws.

The second most sacred speech to the framers of The Constitution was political speech. Look at it now. It’s a farce that makes unseating a media blessed congresscritter almost impossible. We’ve “reformed” political speech in the area of ELECTIONS, for pity’s sake, so much that we can’t even get rid of wildly unpopular elected officials without term limits?

So keep expecting exaggerated attempts like this because they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. However, in a year or two it won’t be so badly worded or over reaching. It will be “sensible” and “moderate” and “the only course of action to ensure fairness.” And how could you be so selfish to only care about your little blog when we are trying to protect people.

BTW: Thanks to Tam for her post on the subject.  It reminded me to say something about this.


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