D@M# PRINTER! …oh…

So I’m trying print out some stuff on my old Brother 420CN. It annoys me from time to time but it works so I keep it around. I use Cars, TV’s, Computers, and Computer Equipment long past their “in fashion” dates. If it still has one erg of life left in it, it’s getting used. My soon-to-be-headed-to-Goodwill Palm Neo can attest to that.

Where was I… Ok. So I’m trying to print out some stuff on my old network attached printer. I had just used it a few days ago to print out some cards and it worked fine. But today, it’s been fruiting up the colors something awful. Was it my new computer? Switch to another. Nope. Same crap.

Was it the program I built the graphics in? Maybe they got saved wrong? Anything to keep my mind from thinking that the printer is trying to go Tango Uniform. I start to face facts that my hated Brother is about to make me mad one last time and force me to buy a new printer. Ready to face my impending trip to Microcenter, I open it up to disconnect the Ethernet cable…

Let me ‘splain the basic workings of the Brother 420CN network capable Printer/Fax/Copier. You have to open the lid to access the guts where both the rj-45 port and the ink reservoirs reside. The ink cartridges rest in a fixed position off to the side of the print heads which move independently across the paper. They are connected by some sort of tubing that allows the ink to get from point A to point B. By my guess it’s a pretty long tube in terms of capacity.

I can guess this because I changed the ink sometime near the end of last year. I changed all (and this is the important part) 4 of the cartridges at that time. And when I did, I put the Magenta in the Yellow slot and the Yellow in the Magenta slot. *sigh*. It’s just now letting me know I’m a total Dumbass.

I have no earthly idea how long it will take me running page after page of Magenta and Yellow half sheets before they turn to Yellow and Magenta half sheets.



1 Response to “D@M# PRINTER! …oh…”

  1. 1 flyer printer May 18, 2009 at 8:49 am

    Yeah, I was also having the same problem in the old printer. Now it’s OK.

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