Why does my reptilian hind-brain stir?

Ok, I admit it. I’m contrarian by nature. And when talking points come from Fed.gov or the MSM… Oy! I make an angry mule look down right malleable. So when I read this article, I got just the smallest bit on edge.  Honestly, I didn’t know why?

Not because of what Fed.gov is saying. It’s a pretty daft idea. I’m all for letting little Jimmy cuddle on little Mary Lou to pass on a case of Chicken Pox, but I don’t even want my theoretical kids to get the normal flu. So why did this article just not pass my smell test? I couldn’t figure out why until I let it digest.

It may be that my conspiracy theory believing friends are getting to me, but does it really seem that the acting head of the CDC should be commenting on what seems to a single comment on a site that got into the hands of the NY Times?

I went to the ONE example of the seemingly endless, “…web sites and public health blogs …” that the piece provides. It talks about ONE comment in ONE thread from what I can see. Now, I do have real work to do so I didn’t do and exhaustive study.  But if you are gonna do a scare piece on destructive social behavior, could you do me a solid and point me DIRECTLY to better sources?

OH RIGHT! I’m supposed to drink the Kool-aid quietly.

But that wasn’t it. So why does this bug me? Well…

The first part of the story paints people who really don’t like being told they have to put chemicals in their kids as some kind of species of fruit-bat. I don’t want to feed my kids strawberries until after age two; so why is it not right for me to ask, “why should I give this to my child,” when they start trying to pump kids full of meds as soon as they clear the birth canal?

The next part talks about The Glorious People’s Heroes in the CDC. Painting the picture of a grim faced doctor in a lab coat desperately trying to hold back the tide of flyover country hillbillies that can’t be having with that new fangled doctorin’.

Why do I have an image of Besser leaning back in his desk chair, reading reports about syphilis, sipping his coffee, and getting this call:


“Hi, this is CNN. What do you think about the trend to have Chicken Pox like Swine Flu parties that is sweeping the nation?”

“Sweeping the nation?”

“Yes. We and the New Your Times have reported it so you know it’s true.”

”Oh my. Well, that’s just down right bad…”

And somewhere at the end of a phone line, a reporter grins. “hook, line, sinker!”

Next we get the stats about how terrible and afraid we should all be. Because, if we aren’t scared to death, we might not need to watch CNN. And that is just unthinkable. How did we ever live our lives without Anderson Cooper, et al… telling us what to fear, when to fear it, and how to be saved from damnation.

The final part of the piece also really put me off. “What You Can Do to Stay Healthy?” Good lord! I guess they think we poor schmucks stuck in the heartland can’t figure out how to do anything right. Wash your hands? Avoid sick people? Stay healthy????

*blinkblink – scratches head*

Find healthy ways to deal with stress????? The stress all you sultana brained nano-wits try to foment?

Stay informed? Sweet Fancy Shiva! “READ OUR SITE DAILY OR YOU WILL DIE!!!!”

And what do, covering your own mouth, policing your own boogers, and staying home when you are already sick have to do with YOU staying healthy? Kinda already sick there chief.

*sigh* I know. I’m overreacting. It’s a throw away piece that would, hopefully, get a D in a freshman journalism class. But folks, this is how Fed.gov and the MSM see us bumpkins in the hinter-lands. Helpless, useless, fools that just don’t get it. People, who without their enlumened help, would do stupid things like willfully kill babies, worship strange gods, and turn our backs on truth. Maybe they are just projecting?

Note to self, “Stop clicking on news links when you go to the WordPress homepage.”



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