Another Weekend. Another Gun Show. Another Broken Heart.*

I learn things when I go to gun shows.** This time I learned that even though it’s the Houston Gun Collectors Association’s show, you will not be able to find ammo for a revolver that is really only used by people who collect firearms. You will, however, find every flavor of AR know to mankind, Century monkey mangled AK’s, and more people pontificating about the downfall of the West while they try to convince buyers that their POS ChiCom knock-off is BETTER than the real thing. Not some much with the collectiness at this show. 7.62 Nagant??? ANYONE???

The next thing I learned was that there are TONS of ammo dealers in the Houston area. For realz!!!1!11 If you can find 2 old boxes of .30-’06 that look like they were what the American Tourister gorilla warmed up on, then you too can erect a sign that proudly proclaims “AMMO.” Never mind you really are mostly a junk shop with rusted knives from Pakistan and that Davis Arms .380 you are still trying to get full price for. …Adjusted for inflation, of course.

I learned that people really are kinda toopid. People do honestly believe that with one stroke of his pen, Our Savior-in-Chief is, any moment, going to ban everything from AR’s to popguns.*** Yes, he wants to. Yes, he loathes the idea of the sheep having teeth. Yes, he’d do it if he alone had the power and could get away with it. But he can’t. Not just yet. He has shameful majorities in both houses, but he only got 52% of the vote against McCain. A dead hooker could have gotten 51% against McCain. And the Congress isn’t ready to do the deed yet either. They know, right now, gun bills are poison. They’re not ready to surrender the House in ’10, which is exactly what will happen if they try anything now.**** You still have a little time to prepare. More importantly, you still have time to do something about it!

I learned that people are really rude. I also learned that rudeness is contagious. I went in in a mostly good mood. I left wanting to personally strangle Ridley Sea Turtles and set fire to giant redwoods. While getting our firearms peace tied, a person asked one of the cops doing the tying, “Why are we banned from bringing our CHL carry pieces in loaded! Where is the logic in that?” Never mind that asking a police officer to justify laws passed by congresscritters and rules instituted by event organizers is like asking a doctor to explain why God allows people to get sick. Thirty minutes in the door with that crowd? You’re are seriously being tempted to some vengeful violence. Wise. Very wise to keep all the smoke-wagons un-stoked.

I learned that gun shows just aren’t as much fun anymore. Desperation is not enjoyable to see. Watching people buy magic talismans to keep the boogie politician away is just disheartening. Seeing people so afraid that .gov is about to take away a key freedom is maddening in the extreme. I wonder how many peeps would man a phone line for the TSRA for the same amount of time they were tromping around the show? I wonder how many vote and then hold their elected officials’ feet to the fire?

I learned that Yummie Nuts (yes… it’s hard not to laugh at the name) and The Rust Game Place both have internet/mail ordering available. I can get, as the name implies, yummy nuts and very fine jerky anytime I want. So I guess this may be my last gun show for a good long while.


* If I put music to that, it might make a good country song? “Another Weekend.” *strum* “Another Gun Show.” *strum* “Another, ” *STRUMSTRUM* “Bro! ken! heart!”
**Still haven’t learned if I should loath or pity the rotund guys in black BDU’s with AR’s that look like an e-bay airsoft store threw up on them.
*** Please. No comments about AR’s being popguns.
**** This congressional and presidential restraint is best by January 3, 2011 and totally expires January 20, 2013. Cast your vote wisely.

2 Responses to “Another Weekend. Another Gun Show. Another Broken Heart.*”

  1. 1 charleen May 19, 2009 at 7:48 pm

    I was more hearing it to the tune of “Another Opening of Another Show” – you could do a follow up and release “Brush up Your Riot Gear”

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