Condition Red Is Just Too Tiring.

I got into a “heated discussion” yesterday about The Savior-in-Chief, guns, and socialism. My opponent was stunned beyond all rational thought (I surmise this because there was little of it escaping his pie hole) that I didn’t believe that Obama was going to personally ride through the streets any moment now collecting evil personal weapons for the greater good.

I can almost imagine the scene my conversation partner was having daymares about. TheOne™, ridding at the head of a long parade, with high school bands backing up a prepubescent choir singing L’Internationale. Huge floats with flowers releasing doves as throngs of willing sheep pitch their grandfathers’ evil .30-30’s and coach guns in the back of flatbeds. Cheers rise up as “Societal Peace Facilitators” from Health and Human Services come out of houses with the massive arsenals of 80 year old .22’s and pump shotguns taken from those who do not see the danger that such “obstacles to understanding” represent to the collective.

If only. I mean, if our elected saviors criminals liars leaders were dumb enough to attempt that right now, we’d have a political house cleaning that would make The French Revolution look down right neighborly.

Once more for the back of the class. YES! The socialists and statists want to take away ALL guns. Full stop. Do not pass go. Sheep can’t have teeth. They cease to be sheep at that point. You can not control a large group of people who do not need you for their basic everyday survival. If the sheep can make the profound realization that they can protect themselves from bad guys; they may make the horrible discovery that they don’t need Uncle Sugar for other things. Worst yet, they may even come to the unthinkable realization that, HORROR, they want to keep their own money to be able to take care of themselves and that government is the bad guy! So all opportunities where the little guy can defend himself in ANY theater, be it physical, legal, spiritual, emotional, or economic, must be taken away.

That said. His Most Worshipfulness knows, as does his malingering gang of congressional co-conspirators, that moving too quickly on guns is a sure way to, at the very least, end up doing the speech circuit after the next election. It’s a great way to inspire the 20% of the population that is totally brain dead and believes in things like socialism, the tooth fairy, and safe sex. But, currently, it’s a political death sentence for a large number in The House that pretended to be conservatives to get elected in ’06 and ’08. The only way a sweeping gun bill makes it to the floor in this Congress with even a sinner’s chance at heaven is if the unthinkable happens. By that I mean some idiot, useful or garden variety, takes a shot at TheOne™. God help us all if that happens.

Barring an attempt on His Most Righteousness’s life by either The Sheet Squad or His Own Party, The socialists aren’t moving on guns this term unless it’s to have it beaten back in The House so the “conservative” Democrats can go home heroes. Too many people still like protecting themselves. They need nothing in trade for that comfort. But once Bailout Barrack and his gang of financial marauders have made enough people dependent on government bread and circuses, then socialists can invoke the, “My house, my rules,” clause of living at the mercy of someone else’s largess.

Now the reason I think it’s important to stress the difference between the boogie man around the corner vs. the danger down the road, is that people just can’t stay whipped up in a frenzy of fret for long without losing effectiveness,  disbelieving there is a danger at all, or simple ceasing to care. All this worry and open panic just makes it worse when the challenge does come. It plays into the hands of socialists who understand that this is a war that crosses generations not a single battle to be won and forgotten about.

So relax. The end is neigh. But not so neigh that it’s too late to do anything about it. The clock is running out, we don’t have the ball, and we’re down by 21 points, but hey, that’s why they play out the game. Anything can happen. I personally have very little hope, but hey… should be fun to watch. 

So if you will excuse me, I’m going to stay at Orange* for now and try to get some work done. 

* Are you asking yourself, “WTF is he talking about Red and Orange????”  If so, go here.

2 Responses to “Condition Red Is Just Too Tiring.”

  1. 1 charleen May 19, 2009 at 7:46 pm

    Heath & Human Services typo, darling. I’m now imagining undead Hollywood stars ransacking my home. Good way to confuse the dogs, I’d think.

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