No, Really? You Think?

I’m no fan of CNN’s Cafferty, but when I saw this entry at the top of WordPress’ main page, I had to click.

NO!  FOR REALZ?  You mean the Credit Industry doesn’t want to reward people who are good credit risks?  SHOCK!  They only like people who are dead beats that can’t seem to ever pay off their cards?  WHAT?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been amazed at the companies sending me notices about cutting my credit and canceling it.  Now, let me first say, I loath Credit Cards.  I use them solely for occasional HUGE purchases and Internet orders.*  I have 0 (ZERO, NADA, ZIP, ZILCH) credit card debt.  I pay everything off post haste. 

Yet, I’m too great a credit risk it seems.  Letter after letter telling me that accounts will be, and in one case HAS BEEN, closed tells me that these companies don’t want people with good credit histories anywhere near them.  Odd?  I would have thought that good credit usage was a good thing.  Evidently not. 

But then again most things that are the lynch pins of rampant consumerism confuse the hell out of me.  The FICO, new models of widgets being obsolete before they hit the showroom floor, TV Commercials designed to make me feel scared/unsettled/needful, and things of that nature never seem to compute in my mind.  So why should this be any different.  “Hmm… There’s too much bad debt on our books so let’s lower the number of people with good credit that we have!  YES!”

Please understand, I know WHY they do these things.  I have had more than a couple of Econ classes.  I just never thought it was particularly good business.  It eventually catches up to you.  If you only encourage gross misuse of credit, then you wind up with, TADA, a credit crisis.  You end up with more and more people unable to pay and more and more bankruptcies.  GOOD.  I hope Bank of America and Chase and every damn one of those predatorial giants takes a hit.   

Moreover, I hope people finally realize that life DOESN’T take Visa and a zero balance with MasterCard is priceless.

And if you sense that I’ve drunk freely of the Dave Ramsey Kool-Aid, you would be right.

*I’ll be stopping both of those practices, starting NOW.     

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