*sigh* But I still want one. Plus My Addition To The Meme

This post made me have a moment of warm fuzzy.

The much maligned AR-7.  A terrible gun.  Horrible.  Probably the WORST gun I ever owned.  It was destroyed in the Allison Flood of ought one (a couple of days underwater and 2 weeks un-found in the messy mayhem will do that to a gun that starts out life as a POS!).  But… my dad gave it too me.  And I want another one.  There just always seems to be other things I need to get first. 

It can’t be the Henry version.  It just seems wrong somehow.  Maybe it’s its plastic front sight and barrel nut?  

But some day, I’ll be walking into a pawnshop or a gun show and there will be an old one.  A little beat up.  But not sporterized.  Not Bubba-tized.  Just an old neglected POS that I’m going to pay too much for, for a brief memory of my dad handing me my first gun.  *sigh*

Edited: The quote, “A 10/22 has more accessories than a teenaged transgendered schizophrenic.”  OMG!  Milk though nose funny!

As to my addition to the meme started here and fanned by Tam here, I would like to submit for your approval the Uberti 1847 Walker replica

-Being able to pretend you are a Texas Ranger or The Outlaw Josey Wales.
-Getting together with other black power shooters and doing Volley Fire the way God intended. *coughhackweez*
-When you are out of bullets, you can use it as a bludgeoning weapon. 
-Being able to order it through the mail.
-At almost 16″, you can keep you enemy at greater standoff distances just by waving it around

-Try shooting Black Powder at an indoor range.
-Not exactly tailored for concealed carry.
-Bulk Black Powder is a might explodey.

And one more from Uberti.  Probably a better candidate too.  The 1873 Revolver Carbine

-It screams SteamPunk cool.
-.45 Long Colt has got some nice punch.
-Lighter than the Walker!
-Guaranteed to have gawkers at the range.

-Ergonomics that make a Glock feel good.
-How far away is that cylinder gap from your face?
-For the same scratch you can get a lever gun that does more plus some ammo for practice.
-Watch that left hand.  Fight the impulse to hold it like a normal “rifle”.


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