I told you that they would keep coming.  A probe here.  A faint there.  Each time seemingly less unreasonable. 

Tam points out the logic flaw in this attempt

Let me point out the philosophical flaw.  I have half a brain.  I can tell when something is too good to be true. (I’m looking at you Billy Mays and you ShamWow guy!)  I know that when I order something that someone else is pitching, based solely on their pitch, I’m taking my chances.  Caveat Emptor.  It’s a simple admonishment that should be lodged in everyone’s brains with a sledge hammer if necessary.

But Uncle Sammy the Savior wants everyone to throw their common sense to the four winds and just let our benevolent leaders take care of us.  It insists that we are too stupid to know that someone may have ulterior motives in telling you something is good or bad.  DC seems to think they are the God mandated only ones who can direct our every move and ensure our perfect existence.  Protect, Oh Great Elders, us from all harm and flaw.

You want this for breakie?  NOPE!  That’ doesn’t fit into the food pyramid.  You want to drive this car?  NOPE!  That doesn’t fit the emissions standards.  You want to read this blog? NOPE!  It has unapproved content and is unsuitable for your untrained eyes and mind.  GAH!

This is mission creep of the most insidious kind and it’s all being done for the public good.  GOD SAVE ME FROM PEOPLE WHO WANT TO SAVE ME!  You simply cannot have both a safe society and a free society.  If you try to have a safe one, you will have neither.  If you try to have a free one, it will be, by its very nature, unsafe.  DEAL WITH IT!

Our dear leaders pointedly ignore the LARGE segment of society that neither wants nor requires their help in every <censored><censored> thing we do.  We’ve grasped the very simple concepts of, “life ain’t fair,” and, “the only thing you have one ounce of control over is yourself.”   We are OK living without a net.  really. 

Our government has become a clearinghouse for every wackjob with an ax to grind against some personal freedom.  I don’t see how the First and Second Amendments will survive the next 20 years. <Censored>!  Montana is looking better and better every-<censored>-day.


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