Sotomayor And Other Obaminations To The Courts.

A coworker asked me what I thought of the soon to be newest member of the Supremes.

What is there to say? You were expecting something else? She’s a racist, but the good kind that hates whites. She doesn’t like the Constitution much. She has a ruling over turn rate that makes a relief pitcher’s batting average look respectable. She’s, at the very least a liberal, and probably a socialist. So nu?

This is why I held my nose and voted for Ganpaw Temper Tantrum and his inspiring, “The buck stops somewhere over there,” campaign platform. There was a least a 20% chance of not getting a polished t… I probably can’t say that, can I? There was at least a 20% chance of getting someone qualified to be on The Court.

Of all the things this administration will do to destroy the country, it’s these judicial appointments that will be the hardest to fix.

So all you Change-o-holics out there should be happy. After 8 years of TheOne(tm), we will have a 4-1-4 court changed to a 5-4 or 6-3 court.  How’s that for moderation?  Nominees are gonna sail through the Senate like undercooked chicken sails through a gastrointestinal tract. With about the same results. YUM!

Our only hope is if REAL conservatives (not hyphenated conservatives or RINO’s) ever get into power*, that they have the testicular (or ovarian) fortitude to impeach judges that use international law as precedent or simply expand and pack the court. Sure the Socialists will howl. Sure it’s dirty pool. Meh. Like it will ever happen.

*I know… stop laughing. Come on. I can hope.

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