Ruger’s LCR.

I got to paw the new Ruger LCR this past gun show.  I was quite impressed.  The balance was nice.  It seemed to have a nice fit and finish.  The extremely fluted cylinder reminded me of an old pepper-box revolver.   

I have very meaty hands but rather small fingers for a gent, so finding a gun that fits well is never easy.  This one did fit nicely and pointed well.  I have to say I preferred the feel without the Crimson Trace grips.  I’ve tried several revolvers with CT grips and they never seem to do as well as a nice rubberized grip.  I don’t have the same reaction to CT’s on semi’s.  No clue why?  If you have small hands, this should be a very comfy gun to hold and point.

The cylinder release is smooth and easy to depress without a major danger of being accidentally activated in a good pocket holster.  Heck, my P3AT has the occasional mag drop even in a nice pocket holster so I suppose anything is possible.  My left thumb was easily able to access the release holding the gun solely in my left hand.  That would make tactical reloads pretty snappy.  Not that that should be a major concern for a pocket gun/BUG.  But hey, you never know.

I still bet a full snort 38 special +P would be a handful out of that little gun, so it’s not gonna be something the recoil sensitive are going to like.  But if you want a pocket gun with any stopping power, you have to pay the piper.  

I also wonder what that finish is going to look like after a couple of years in a pocket.  Not that I care about the looks. God knows my carry guns look like hell and they are only a few years old.  But here on the wonderful Gulf Coast, you have to consider these things because the humidity is murder on all guns, let alone a pocket pistol. 

I’m still interested in this little guy.  I’ll give it a few months for the reviews and retooling to take place.  Oh… also, the gun was running right at MSRP this past weekend.  As supply gets up, I’d hope that changes.  


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