More Guns Means More…

When someone proffers the argument that more guns means more violence, I always counter with the truth.  More guns lead to more sewing and leatherwork*.  From the time I purchased my first carry gun, I’ve modified more bags, clothes, pockets, holsters, murses, backpacks, and jackets than I care to remember.  I’ve yet to fire one shot in anger (and please God, I hope never to do so), but I’ve murdered tons of needles, thread, twine, leather, Velcro, and plastic in the name of concealment.

I can now add one more thing to the list that “more guns” causes.  More woodworking*.  I needed to make some “modifications” to my reloading/smithing bench so that the new loading press I talked myself into at the last gun show would be set up properly.  No sooner had I set that up when I started making plans for further “modifications” to the rig.  Oh dear Lord, when will it stop! 

Those who know me know that there are few things scarier than me with a power tool.  Really, only Viral Pandemics, WMD’s, Socialists, 0r me with 110/220 volt wires cause more fear among my circle of friends.  So when I pull out saws, drills, and lumber for a project, the immediate response for anyone around me is to dial 9 then 1 and wait for the scream or the telltale dimming of lights. 

Sts. Barbara, Dunstan, and Joseph, watch over me!**


*Wonder if I can start a meme?
**Since I have a 03-FFL (C&R) and a blog, I guess I qualify for
St. Adrian of Nicomedia and St. John as well.  You can never have too many Friends in High Places.

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