Socialism’s New Motto: Go Big, Or Go Home.

Hope all you Hopey-Changey types are happy with what you’ve done for us.  Hope you like the change of having less take home pay.  Not sure how many times I heard you last year talking about how he was going to stick it to the rich.  HAH!  Reality’s a b… Reality sucks.  No?

Why care about this as opposed to the $3 TRILLION + ($3,000,000,000,000) in pork bailouts?  Because $3 Trillion is something people let slide because it’s so big.  People can’t comprehend it or how it will affect them.  But the Insurance Tax, that they can comprehend. That they understand.  They get that that’s a $500 a month bonus they never see that they will be taxed on.  Like ATM fees, it’s going to make them mad.  It’s going to make them NOT want to spend.  It’s going to cut into the bottom line in a way they can feel.

I’m moving from the opinion that this is going to be a hard 8 years to the thought that this is going to get really ugly much faster.  Do you realize what increasing tax on an already overburdened consumer class is going to do to this sick economy?  Add to that, consumers expecting it a full year in advance? Seriously folks, I’m starting to believe that TheOne(tm) and his cabal of socialists aren’t just in this to take power.  This kind of ludicrous policy is going to push this country over the edge fast. 

Maybe I need a tinfoil hat, but this seems less and less to me about forcing us into Uncle Sugar’s warm embrace as it does totally bankrupting the country and causing massive upheavals in our ability to remain a nation.  This is not eating the elephant a bite at a time; this is loading it on forklift and trying to drop it down our throats.  All of this has predictable results: the destruction of our economy, the destruction of the social order, and the inability for the US to remain a viable opponent to China, Russia, and the EU either economically or militarily. 

I, for one, didn’t believe that TheOne(tm) would go for this much, this fast.  So what gives?  He’s either stupid (which even if he is, his puppet masters aren’t) or he (and his PM’s) are trying to bring about a fall so hard and fast that the US can’t recover in time for… what?  Even if it’s just garden variety stupidity, do you really think China is going to let this go unexploited?  If I were in Taiwan, I’d be looking at leaving the island fast.  If I were in the Pacific Rim, I’d be learning Mandarin and Cantonese ASAP. 

Maybe this is just the old Stalinist, “two steps forward and one step back” with a couple of extra jackbooted goofsteps thrown in for good measure.  Maybe they know that in 2 to 4 years no one will want to see their faces again… for now.  Maybe they know that 80% of what they’ve done will be overturned like Regan did to the Carter Catastrophe.  But that 20% brings them closer to their goal.  In the meantime, if the US gets knocked off its pins and people around the world have to die, so be it.  Eggs… omelet… you know the drill.

Historians will have fun with this part of US history.  Hopefully, it won’t be near the back of the book.


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