Dear Doctor Obama

Dear Doctor Obama,

In reviewing your ABC Infomercial, “Questions for the President: Prescription for America”, I would like to point out a few things. 

One; have you considered the serious implications of writing prescriptions on things you have no real knowledge of?  The Medical field calls this, “Practicing without a license,” and it carries criminal penalties and civil liabilities.  In Medicine, we call these frauds and con artists, “Quacks.”  Sadly, in politics, we seem to call them Congressmen, Senators, and Presidents.  

Second; many prescriptions have been written in the past.  Not all of them, even though touted as God-Sends, have been beneficial to the patient.  Just review medicines like Thalidomide and Fen-Phen please and you will see that, even when blessed by the Government, these prescriptions caused lots of damages to people. 

Third; as one sees on every Oprah episode that deals with some poor soul who had a lump/pain/wound that their doctor dismissed as nothing or said had to be removed post haste, depending on the word of one doctor in a serious matter is often not beneficial to the patient.  So, if you don’t mind Dr. Obama, we’ll consult some people with a bit more expertise in the areas of the economy and healthcare than a former Community Strong-arm Muckraker Enforcer Organizer before we fill your “Prescription for America”. 


The American People


6 Responses to “Dear Doctor Obama”

  1. 1 bconvis June 25, 2009 at 5:16 pm

    It’s amazing how blind most Americans are to the truth behind any sort of government run health plan. The Trojan Horse metaphor has been used, and it is appropritate. If the government starts a public plan, it will undercut private plans, and ina couple of years, there will be no private plans left. Along with no choice real choice and no real decisions made by actual doctors. Instead, we’ll have a price stamped on our heads, and if treatment is more than our worth, we won’t get it. That is, if we live loign enoughw hiel waiitng for diagnostic tests.
    There is a reason all government businesses fail- because they ahve no real stake in it. If private business fails, they disappear. If government fails, they just raise taxes or print mroe money. the government has no real stake in doing things right.
    Youy want to fix healthcare, Barak? Forget about appeasing your lawyer friends who make millions off of medical malpractive cases and fix tort reform. If you fix medical malpractice law, you can give everyone health care without a public plan.
    But then again, that doesn’t get you guys what you really want: Control over every decision American’s make. Control over American choice. Barak, you don’t care about American health. You care about Americans depending solely on you.

    Want more? visit me at Not Just a Boring Dentist
    Dantesfiringrange is goig up on my blogroll

    • 2 dantesfiringrange June 25, 2009 at 6:47 pm

      Can’t add too much that that.

      And I will add you to mine as well.

      Anyone who has baseball as a Category can’t be all bad. Even if a large number of posts are dedicated to the Phillies. *grin*
      Before you get upset, remember, I live in Houston so cut me some slack and say, “Thanks for sending us Brad.”

      Can we at least agree that it’s good not to be a Cubs or Yankees fan.

  2. 3 bconvis June 25, 2009 at 8:20 pm

    Houston… Houston… do they have any sports teams there? The Astros? Do they count. What’s the average age there, 40? The Texans? The Rockets? Man, got anything else down there? Soccer? Cricket? Curling? Hey, you got Enron and Roger Clemens.
    Not trying to be mean spirited, I hear Houston is lovely. Just not the Sports Mecca that is Philadelphia, home of 100 straight championship-less seasons until the Phillies broke through last year. feels nice to be able to rack on another city for a change.
    But, hey, at least they’re not the Cubs or Yankees (My entire family, including my wife, are from Brooklyn so i have to deal with the Yankee love)

  3. 5 bconvis June 25, 2009 at 8:21 pm

    Man, my spelling sucks. Want to go fix it for me?

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