This Blog’s Obligatory Michael Jackson Post

Actually, I’m going to say precious few words about Mr. Jackson.  He got very little rest here on this plane; hopefully he gets some on the next.  I’ll leave the discussions about his talent (for music and getting into bad situations) to others who really care.  I was never a big fan as I firmly believe, with the exception of a few anomalies, the production of good music began to taper to a trickle sometime in the late 1940’s.  

The focus of this post is the Legacy Media.  You pathetic bunch of jackals; every damn one of you.  You take such delight in building up your herd of media sweethearts.  Tending them with such sycophantic care.  Measuring the potential meat yield daily.  Until that one day when you shepherd one poor old heifer in to be slaughtered mercilessly in your 24 hour news abattoir, hacking and tearing at the bones.  Like some sad ancient mythological fertility ritual, you let your stags make hay for a while only to run them to ground when your need for blood drives you to rip apart your creation.

But then, later when the weary eyes of your sacrificial freak show finally close on this world, you scream, “TRAGEDY! A WORLD IN MOURNING!”  With practiced and polished sincerity in your voices you chant on and on about how they were the greatest and best and most beloved… and, oh yes, they had some problems that you were loath to talk about back in the day, but bygones, the world can never be the same now.  Shame on all of you. 

If you really cared so damn much, where were you when the world was crashing down on them and any fool could see they needed help?  Why didn’t you intervene to give them some time to catch their breath?  How come the cameras never stopped their flashes and the tape didn’t stop rolling?  Don’t start talking about journalistic integrity and the, “Public’s right to know.”  Don’t try to white wash your actions as a, “Disinterested third party who simply reports the facts.”*  Don’t help rip the wings off a fly then act so sad when it finally up and dies.

I hope, before your final breath, you atone for you inhumanity.  If not, I’m sure there’s a special place in Hades where even Judas gets to laugh at you.

* No one with half a brain believes that lie anymore.  But then again, that’s not your demographic.   Is it?

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