Confiscating Guns? Anyone Heard About This???

On of the many perks of working from home is not having to listen to the local radio/news for traffic updates.  Sadly, this was one of those rare days where I have to venture out into the sun. 

Whilst trying to avoid the Landscaping Truck filled with “Potential Guest Workers” driven by a white slave owner contractor who was lining up his next victim client on his cell phone in one hand and motioning something to his Judas Goat assistant, in the back, with his other; I heard something on the radio about a federal agency confiscating guns from a woman hear in Houston because she bought too many????

I can’t find anything on the local news sites.  Anyone know about this? Is it old news that slipped by me (not surprising, I’ve been avoiding the news as much as I can lately).  Or was this some type of satire that I didn’t catch the context of?

Anyone?  My Google-fu and Askarate have failed so I’m guessing this isn’t true.

Update:  AH… I see.  So we are guilty until proven innocent?  Um…  So how was that Form 4473 NOT part of a database of firearms owners???  Why do I fear this is going to get really ugly?  And that is what .gov wants, after all. 


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