I’m Truly Disgusted.

Well… Congratulations President Obama.  You’ve actually made me, for the first time, regret being an American. I survived Clinton’s escapades still able to say, “He’s my President.  I don’t like his policies and I probably wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire, but damn it, I’d still defend him if need be.”  I made it through Bush with his flip flops on life issues and his sell out to the Open Boarders Crowd at the Wall Street Journal and his continuing of the great Liberal tradition of “War on Nouns”.  

I always had the dream of owning my own land.  But now, why?  With Kneecap and Trade, I’ll never be able to realize the investment.  I’ll essentially be renting from YOU because I’ll have to continually meet the ever changing “new, for the children” efficiency codes that you alone will have control over.  I will never realize any investment in a home because every year, I’ll have to try and hit your moving target if I ever want to sell it.  Which is the entire point of owning a home.

This is what you want.  Private property being the backbone of democracy, you want to kill it.  When you drive more and more people away from the “hardships” of home ownership and to renting with fewer and fewer landowners left to rent, what do you get???? A GOVERNMENT BAIL OUT OF HOUSING PART 2.  “Don’t worry citizen!  Uncle Sam will find you a place to stay!”  Of course… you’ll have to abide by his rules.  His house… his rules.  “You wanted to exercise that X amendment right?   Oh, I’m so sorry.  That’s not in the housing rules.  Sorry.  You’ll have to remove that.  Oh, and here’s the fine.  Sorry we have to make an example of you, but we can’t have you giving the others ideas.”

I edited out the profuse cursing that occupied this paragraph.  Not because you don’t truly deserve it, but it’s beneath me.  Let me just say, that every one of you in DC that is spell bound by Obama and votes for his bills without bothering to read a stinking page… Every one of you toadies that gives this unconstitutional grab more and more reach…  I hope, at the NATURAL* end of your days, when you stand before your Maker, that your cries for mercy go answered with, “When did you show mercy to my people?  When did you set them free?  How did you reward them?  It is by that measure of mercy that I give you mercy.  Drink plenty of fluids; I hear it’s hot down there.”

And to you Obama.  I am going to say something I never ever thought I would say.  I really truely hate you.  I didn’t even hate Bill Clinton.  I loathed his policies with every fiber of my being.  I even managed to engender some real anger for the man personally.  But you, sir; you’ve really managed to do something that I never ever thought possible; you’ve managed to make me ashamed of my country.  And for that, I can’t forgive you. 

Property ownership is the gateway to freedom.  If you have a stake, you care about what is going on in houses of power.  You worry about your money.  But if you don’t have an investment…  If it’s not yours…  It’s just one less thing to give a damn about.  You and the public parasites in DC, have found a good way to officially kill the American Dream. “Burn in hell,” May be too weak a sentiment.  

* I stress “Natural” so I don’t end up on some Homeland Security Mystery List for some perceived threat.  No.  I want you all (including Obama) to live a nice long happy life.  Get fat, dumb, and happy.  It will make the punishment** all the more delicious.
** And, of course, if you repent and make amends, yada yada yada… may you have good fortune, blah blah blah.  Really, with you lot… Not really concerned about that.

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