This Just In… Whitehouse Had King Of Pop Offed.

Sources close to the Whitehouse say that members of the Obama Administration were responsible for securing the “hit” on Michael Jackson.  The object of the operation was to divert media attention from the flagging economy and unconstitutional bills being passed by Congress.

“Hell… who do you think sent that teacher to Jon (of Jon and Kate fame).  We thought watching that train wreck would keep the media off our backs.  It’s not like they needed much of an excuse.  But they had to go and allow some probing.  So… we had to up the anti.”

The anonymous source was quick to point out that, “The President, Barak Obama, [he paused to bow his head] had no knowledge of this plan,” a claim supported by the Whitehouse.

This lack of awareness, however, pulls into question the omniscience of President Obama.  When asked about this the anonymous source said;

“Why are you changing the subject?  Do you hear what I’m telling you?  It’s Fox News’ fault that The King of Pop is dead!”

Officials with Fox had no comment.

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