Getting Emotionally Exercised Just Gives Into the Grabbers.

Caleb on Gun Nuts last night said something that bugged me at the time.  After a good night’s sleep, I’m now in full blow tizzy about it.

The last half of the show was an audience participation segment.  The topic, “what one law would you like to change?”  I will give Caleb props.  He brought up THE ONE thing I would change if given the chance.  Repeal the 17th Amendment.  With the death of State representation in DC, we saw the death of the Republic.  Score one for Caleb. 

Breda scores just by being Breda.  Breda is kinda like Chuck Norris, only she could woop Chuck… with her own leg.  Then tell him to “shhhhhhh.”

Later, a caller calls in to complain about all the petty reasons a person can lose the right to own firearms.  When we talk about Felons not possessing guns, we really want to limit it to violent offenders. Some 18 year old who gets popped for a class A misdemeanor that has as it’s maximum penalty 18 months in jail, shouldn’t lose his rights.  An idiot who kites $500 worth of paper, shouldn’t lose them either.  Rapists, murderers, arsonists, et cetera and those that attempt those kinds of crimes should lose their rights.  If not, Blogging without a license could, someday, earn us the loss of our 2nd Amendment rights.  So far so good. 

But then Caleb has to go and pop off about Madoff.  You see Caleb also wants to include “Scummy” people on the list that lose their 2ndAmendment rights.  Now I have no intention of wanting to defend Madoff or what he did.  It was scummy and he should sit for a long time in rapey prison for his crimes.  But come on!  Isn’t not wanting “Scummy people” to have guns exactly the sentiment behind the Lautenberg amendment?  Isn’t that how we’ve gotten into this mission creep in the first place?  Who defines which “Scummy” acts are worth losing a right permanently and which aren’t?  

We are in the dire straights we are in because people pass laws on emotion and not on real need.  “Scummy” is just like saying “Assault Weapon”.  It has no real meaning other than what the emotions of the law makers want it to mean.  Today “Scummy” is grifting millions from investors.  Tomorrow it could mean someone who hangs $500 worth of paper.  I mean, that’s scummy, isn’t it?  What if that $500 dollar check was written to your mom? 

Gun Nuts is a good show and last night was no exception.  But let’s not get trapped in the oxymoron of emotional reasoning.

There… I’ve picked at the nit.  I feel better.


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