Former Conservative Republican Governor, Jeb Bush has shown, once again, that when Republicans “grow up” and start playing at national politics, they turn into Statist milk-toast irrelevant moderate hacks so they can be seen as non-threats and used as tools of the MSM.   Are the parties and galas that good?   Do they have hookers in the back rooms?  No… this is politics, probably mirrors with the constant piped in voices of people cooing, “You’re so strong!  You’re so powerful!  Oh, lead me, please.”

You don’t know that he’s a socialist?  Really!  Define Socialism for you?  Jeb, do you know how much that sounds like, “It depends on what the meaning of what the word, “is”, is?”   Jeb, leave that level of word play to the professionals.  Bill Clinton was a 10th Dan in verbal obfuscation.  You, not so much. 

Jeb, in your attempt to sound, “above it all,” and, “even keeled,” you’ve shown just how irrelevant you are to politics now.  Please, you and you’re whole family, just go away.  Haven’t you done enough for us?  You’re father and brother have shown us that beating about the Bush just brings us tears on the national level. 

If you wanted some relevance in politics, you really should act like a person who gives a damn and come armed with the truth, facts, and passion.  Let’s do some role playing.  I’ll play you and show you how it’s done. 

“Absolutely the man’s a Socialist.  Look at his policies.  He’s made an unconstitutional grab for a MAJOR part of the economy and nationalized it.  He’s now making the same attempt to nationalize healthcare and take over other parts of industry through the Kneecap and Trade legislation.  He’s trying to turn the Federal Reserve into a private economic Gestapo answerable only to himself.  At a time when Europeans are seeing the disaster that Socialism has brought to them and are voting in elected officials that promise to lower taxes; Obama is doing everything he can to make sure that not only our children, but our children’s children are living under the oppression of a crippling debt.  He’s either a Socialist or a moron.  And he doesn’t look all that inept to me.”

“He won the election due to the inability of the Republican Party to put up an alternative.  McCain, at his best in the election, made it look like he was going to do the exact same things.  He talked about Cap and Trade and made himself look like a liberal elitist with an agenda.  When given the choice of two politicians looking for a raise in pay grade, the voters voted for the one that looked more vibrant and figured he was lying about wanting to socialize everything.  Isn’t that what politicians do?  They lie.  People got used to the last 20 years of presidents lying to them.  When you asked the typical NON-leftists voter that cast their lot for Obama, each of them said, ‘He’ll never get those things passed.  They aren’t Constitutional.’  Surprise.”

“Yes his numbers look good until you start to dig.  People like the guy.  They approve of him.  Hell… he’s a likable guy.  I’d like to go have a beer with him.  But look at the job approval numbers and look at what people are saying about each individual item.  This NOT what the people voted for.  Which is kind of ironic since he left no illusions about what he would do when in office.”

“Good, I’m glad Joe the Plumber is still around.  This idea that common folk have no clue what is what and need to genuflect to their intellectual betters on all issues is ridiculous.  To paraphrase Bill Buckley, I’d rather be governed by the first 100 names in the phone book than our current crop of Senators.  The answers to today’s problems are found in the lives of common folk.  Don’t spend what you haven’t got.  Very simple.  Very effective.”

“Leaders?  Sadly, not too many are really moving into position.  But can you blame them?  First off, you’ve got a Republican party that is dominated by Moderates in leadership roles.  You stick your head up now and the leadership is likely to try and play whack-a-mole on you.  Second, Obama is doing a good job of making people not want Obama for a second term.  Honestly, when your opponent is in the process of angering middle America, you shut up an let him.  The leaders will be along soon enough. 

In the meantime, there are the other non-party public voices of Conservatism in Limbaugh, Ingraham, all the new media types like Malkin and even the millions of other ‘Joe the Plumbers’ out there working for Capitalism and Conservatism.  These are the voices of the people.  And these voices aren’t Astroturf like many of the left wing Soros and Joyce funded outfits.  The voices of all Conservatives will call up a leader; unlike Socialism with its self appointed leaders that want followers to be zombies.”

 See Jeb, easy!  So easy ‘Dante the Tech Guy’ could do it.  Now please exit stage left and go back your green room and relive, in private, the days when you were relevant.


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