Lessons In Humility

I used to play trumpet.  I’m not sure I could claim to have been a musician, but I was pretty good.  I quit playing because, even though I loved music, I’d gotten about as good at is as I was going to get without putting in a lot more work and since that was not, “where my future was,” I let it slip from priority to hobby, then to memory. 

I’ve spent a long time without music in my life so I decided to take up an instrument; more for my mental and spiritual health than anything else.  I didn’t pick the trumpet back up because I wanted something that could keep with me when I get palatable at it; something that I could have on hand in the living room for when the mood struck me.  No large productions about getting down the ax and taking up a proper playing position.  They make a Pocket Trumpet, but they lie.*  That’s some darn big pockets.  So I decided I wanted to learn to play the Harmonica. 

Wow.  I suck.  I suck like I have not sucked at something in a long time.  I suck at this like Obama sucks at being President.  I suck at this like Michael Bay sucks at character development.  I suck at this like Jack Black sucks at being funny.  Ok… maybe not as bad as the last one, but darn close.

This is going to take some time.  Pucker, not purse.  Relax the throat, not the lips.  Keep your tongue down.  Sounds like I’m getting directions for something NOT music related.**  Geez.  Well… In for a Penny; in for a Pound.  Wish me luck.


* Just like they lie about “pocket battleships”.  HORSE HOCKEY!  No way that’s even fitting in Cargo Pants!
** Telling me things like that while calling it a “Mouth Organ”…  Are you TRYING to make me blush! 

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