California PSA: Budgeting On A Budget.

Larry Correia has a dizzying list of California’s “bare bones” entities.  

Now I may just be a little guy.  My wife and I work.  We actually EARN money so we, kind of, have a sense of what a dollar is worth.  I know that no one in the Cali Government remembers what it’s like to sweat for several hours and have that equated to a wage.  If you lack knowledge of how to Budget during a Crisis, you also lack the knowledge of the value of… ANYTHING. 

So as a Public Service, let me share with our left coast brethren and sisteren how to cut back when you haven’t got the cash.  First some questions.

1) If you have paid all your bills for the month and you have a $1000 surplus in your hand; which one of these do you spend it on?
            a) Pay down your revolving Debt.
            b) Give it all to charity.
            c) Give it all to your employees/children.
            d) A killer night out with the gang. 

2) If you find that you are short $100 dollars each month, which of these services do you cancel?
            a) Cable TV ($150)
            b) Alarm Company ($12)
            c) Electric ($200)
            d) Water ($40)

3) You lose your job.  Budget wise, what do you do first.
            a) Examine your expenditures.  Identify nonessential ones.  Eliminate them.
            b) Find your credit cards with the lowest APR.
            c) Talk to Dad.
            d) Buy a new Wii.

4) You have no money and you are in debt.  You can’t meet basic essential bill payments. You can’t borrow any more money.  So you
            a) Stop all spending and go into bankruptcy.
            b) Try to get more credit.
            c) Talk to Dad.
            d) Ignore it all.  It will go away. 

If you answered anything but A to any of those questions, you probably are ready for a job in politics. 

Here are some basic Crisis Budgeting Principles.  What?  Do I have a degree in economics?  No.  I have bills.  Bills are better than a degree in economics because they test you every month and when you fail the monthly exam, you actually LOSE things.  Tangible things like money or property. 

1) When expenses exceed income.  Immediately stop spending and review what is absolutely essential.  When you start spending again; START with the absolutely essential expenditures.  If you are unclear what those things are you may wish to check the ORIGINAL state constitution, you know, before everything was tacked onto it.  If you are still unsure what those are, STOP.  You are unqualified to be making this decision.  If you are certain you know what is essential and something on you list DOES NOT have the words Police, Law Enforcement, Court, Fire, State Guard, or Water/Sewage Treatment; Then STOP.   You are unqualified to be making this decision.

2) If you run out of money before all essential services are funded, STOP.  You are screwed.  You have to CUT BACK on essential services. You can’t go asking for more money.  It’s over.  You have to seek bankruptcy protection.  

3) Once essential services are funded, you must look at putting aside SOMETHING for an emergency.  …Even if it’s just a few paltry million dollars.  You never know when Sacramento may need braces.  This will keep you from having to go begging for credit again. 

4) Start payment on the debt.  No more fun gets to be had until you pay down what you’ve already spent.  It’s not fun.  But you already had all the fun you can afford.  You are just going to have to turn down all those research grant requests for: Ringtail Lemur Mating Habits and Does Garbage Really Stink.  Also, negotiate with your creditors.  You are a large part of their expected income.  They will be HAPPY to come up with payment plans rather than see it all flushed down the drain.  

5) As you pay down the debt, also put MORE money aside for a rainy day.  Again, it may only be a few measly $million. But every little bit helps.  You never know, more people may leave and your tax base goes down.  You CAN’T go ask for more money or credit and you may need some cash on hand.

6) Once the debt is paid off, and not before, THEN you can work back in the nonessential expenditures.  But here’s the kicker; when you reach the end of your income, that’s it.  Draw a line on the page at where your last dollar gets spent and YOU ARE DONE.  PERIOD.  YOU HAVE NO MORE CASH.  IT’S OVER. 

That’s it.  There you have some basic ideas on how to make life better.  Not easier, mind you.  But better.    

That some States don’t have to live within their means is why Secession should still be on the table.  While I’m upset at paying for do nothing people who won’t pull their own weight; I’m ENRAGED that I have to pay for do nothing States that can’t (read won’t) stop spending like the shots and whores are half price and the fleet sets sail on the ‘morrow.

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