Streets… Blood… Yada Yada Yada.

Shall we start the Death Count today?  Here’s a bet.  I bet Homicides in Chitown (where guns don’t exist by order of the King) reach triple, or possibly even quadruple, digits before there’s a killing due to this law.  Notice I said killing, not even a homicide.  If you wait for a homicide due to this law, you may be waiting until the cubs win a World Series.   

Ok, GREAT STATE OF TEXAS!  How about it?  Why can’t I walk strapped into a bar?  Why can’t I not get drunk and hang out with my friends and play pool?  Why Can’t I be the one that decides, “Oh hell, a few beers sounds good.  ‘Hey, order a pitcher for the table.  I’ll be right back.  Gotta go lock my heater in the trunk.’” 

Texas…  Still too damn many socialists and lawyers.

Oh… and one more thing. 

The law, however, includes a partial legal defense for a person carrying a concealed weapon within an establishment banning guns. It would apply if the sign had fallen down, the person wasn’t an Arizona resident and the notice was first posted less than a month earlier.

Thanks you guys!


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