Media Deception And Political Realities

The headline reads:  “Poll: Majority of Republicans don’t think Palin’s qualified for prez

Their reason for the headline:

“Only 33 percent of Republicans questioned in a CBS News survey released Monday night say that Palin would have the ability to serve effectively as president.”

Some definitions seem to be in order.

Qualified:  Adjective: Having the appropriate qualifications for an office, position, or task.

Effective:  Adjective: Having an intended or expected effect.

To quote Inego Montoya, “I do not think that word means what you thing it means.”

I fully believe Sarah Palin is well qualified to be President of The United States.  At least, she was the best qualified of all four candidates seeking office last November.  She was the only one that held and Executive Branch level position.  Would she be Effective?

Qualified vs. Effective

You can say that all the presidents from Jimmah Carter to George W. Bush were qualified.   Gerald Ford really wasn’t qualified and showed it by handing the Presidency over to Congress.  He also wasn’t effective (mind you, the Congress takes their half of the blame too) at keeping the economy from tanking.  Moderate Statists rarely are.

Before his election to VPOTUS, Daddy Bush was not qualified to be pres.  But with 2 terms under his belt, he was.  In theory, at least.  Was he effective?  A sort of won war, inability to deal with congress, inability to deal with the press, inability to stick to his guns on taxes, and the inability to see the change in the campaign paradigm all have the Magic Eight Ball of History saying, “Outlook not so good.”

Let us not forget Jimmah Carter.  As a smart man and governor of a large state, he was very well qualified.  He was so ineffective that the Misery Index became a household phrase by 1980.

Equivocations and Thugary

So why is the media equating “effective” with “qualified”?  HMMM?  Any one?  That’s right!  Because Obama is UNQUALIFIED to be president.  Sarah, who’s qualifications the Dems had the gall to bring up during the elections only to quickly realize that all that did was make sure people saw their Emperor had no clothes, was whipping him like a rented mule in that category. 

But now, redefine words and VOILA!  They can try to wash the stink off of Barry’s falling numbers.  The truth is, if you are unqualified, you will be INEFFECTIVE and no amount of history rewriting can’t alter that.  Saying that Sarah wasn’t qualified doesn’t make Barry more qualified or effective because he won.  It just makes Barry what he’s always been.  Dangerous.

Also, the media will continue to tear down the only person who came close to unmasking him for the fraud his is.  Let that be a lesson to all who stand in the way of the All Powerful Barry and his State Run Media Gestapo.  Get in the way, you die (probably only in the media).  You die, your family dies, and everyone around you gets bloody.  If you want to take on these guys you better be prepared to face Hell itself.  If not, shut up and keep quite if you know what’s good for you.

Their fear is that after Barry has another couple of years in office, Sarah may start to look better and better to people.  So the threat has to be neutralized now.  They have to keep the attack up to fuel the fire of hatred some naturally have toward her because she’s a woman.


Here’s, sadly, a dirty little secret that we Conservatives are coming to understand about Sarah.  She probably would not be an effective president. But not for the reasons you think.  See, we Conservatives really don’t look at gender.  We look at people.  One of our great heroes is Maggie Thatcher.  We don’t care about internal or external sex organs, we care about results.  “Can this person get the results we want,” is what we ask ourselves before we punch a chad.  But this election and post election fallout has taught us something that has left a bad taste in our mouths.  A woman may not be able to effectively lead this country. 

We saw Hillary get her back side tanned by Barry.  There was actually no reason that should have happened; she out classed Barry in all areas.  But when the time came to actually cast votes, moderates ran from her in droves.  Don’t tell me it was because she was “too liberal”.  What did they run to but Marxism?  Also, The MSM whipped her like a rented mule.  …More on that in a minute. 

After the election I talked to Moderate Independents (which are really Liberal Dems but can’t deal with it) and Moderate Republicans (who are Moderate Dems but can’t deal with it) and to a man and woman they HATE Sarah.  When you argue with them on policy points, they hem and haw and agree with you that she’s not so bad except on abortion (they love abortion and Sarah doesn’t).  If you scratch and claw, you will find out why they hate her.  She’s a woman. 

Moderate to Moderate Liberal men hate being told what to do by a woman.  Moderate to Moderate Liberal Woman seem to have the same problem.  I don’t care what they protest in arguments.  When you dig down and clear away all the dross, the only thing left is, “She’s a woman.”  I’m rather embarrassed to say, I thought we were beyond that.  We Conservatives are, but I guess the high minded Moderates and many Liberals aren’t.

I think this is something the Liberals (espesially the MSM) know but won’t admit.  I think this is why they turned on Hillary the first chance they got.  To them, a woman is a non-starter for President.  Just look at their fantasies.  Who was the Duly Elected He-Man Pres in the media’s wet dreams?  Martin Sheen.  But how did Geena Davis become Commander in Chief?  The real pres (a man) dies and she “ascends” to the position.

I think this is one area where Conservatives have a major fight on our hands and it may not be settled in time for Sarah to try for POTUS.  In a world were a not insignificant percentage of voters simply WON’T vote for a woman or stand behind her when she gets elected, you just can’t pin your hopes on someone simply based on their philosophy. 

Add to that a Congress (at least Senate) that will be hiding behind the MSM’s skirts for cover when trying to combat any 2013 Conservative President’s attempt to undo the Obama-damage, and you have a recipe for Sarah to be very ineffective as POTUS.  It’s not just winning back the White house, it’s having the juice to undo the damage that Obama is doing.

I wish this was not the case.  But as the saying goes, “You can wish in one hand and crap in the other.  See which one fills up faster.”  Things are what they are.  Politics is ugly.  And this is a battle that our generals have to be not only qualified to fight, but effective at fighting.


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