More CNN Headlines Written By Vizzini

Again with the, “I do not think that word means what you think it means,” headlines CNN?  Really?  Yet more proof that Sarah has the MSM worried about the number of conservatives she can keep rallied until 2010 midterms (and possibly 2012) surfaces in the following headline: Huckabee warns Palin: Don’t leave GOP.   They make it sound so, “You’ll be swimmin’ wid da fishes.”

Quotes from Huckabee in the story don’t exactly sound very “Don Corleone”:

“I hope she remains — let me be real clear — a part of the Republican Party,” Huckabee told FOX News. “I’m a little concerned when I hear her say that she may sort of branch out and go third party or go independent. That would be a big mistake because we need to rebuild the Republican Party, not abandon it.”

“I want her to succeed, and I’m delighted to see her continuing to use her voice because I do think that she rallies people,” he said. “She brought electricity to the Republican ticket last year, when, frankly, there was about as much excitement as you would see, you know, at a — at a Baptist dance, which means there wasn’t any, until she showed up for the ticket. And then there was fire going forth.”

No mater if you do your best horse voice Brando impression, those words sound more like, “Please Sarah,” not, “Get back in line.” 

Hucakabee: Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

I still see Huckabee as a shill for the McCainiacs in the GOP so it’s no surprise that he’s trying to herd the cats (Conservatives) bank into the fold.  Mikey, we don’t need to, “…rebuild the Republican Party,” we need to completely destroy its current Moderate-Statist foundation, demolish the structures built on it, and banish the custodians that allowed it to get into this state to political Siberia never to be heard from again except on MSNBC and CNN as warmed over hacks with an ax to grind.  

I imagine in a few months when the 2010 machinations start in earnest, we will be treated to the same tired old Socialist Boogie-man.  “You need to vote for the R’s or the Socialists will take over and destroy us.”  Well…  The Socialists have already taken over so there’s not much point in keeping the beast alive that is supposed to protect us.  Might as well let it die so we can groom a new one. 

2010 vs. 2012

But Dante, we could win the House in 2010 and stop the madness.  Even if by some minor miracle we take back the House this coming election; what do we win if we win it with spineless RINO-cons that kowtow to the MSM and the Dem leadership?  To quote The Princes Bride again, “You rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles.”  Nope.  Better to leave in the hands of the Socialists for another 2 years and make a real run with real Conservatives in 2012. 

My opinion changes IF there is real conservative leadership in this election.  If there is a firm commitment from the GOP to stop government growth and pull it back, then I will change my mind.  But if the same people that forced McCain on us trot out some paid off huckster to talk real pretty to Conservatives while keeping the party platform of “Socialism in 20 years, not 2,” then count me out.

“You’re trying to kidnap what I’ve rightfully stolen.”

Sorry for another Princes Bride moment, but I think it’s important to bring up this quote as it sums up the feelings of both the RNC leadership and the Central Government Cabal (including, but not limited to, the MSM, Democrat leadership, and Barack “Camera Hog” Obama).  They’ve stolen these things fare and square and how dare we try to take them back.

So what good does it do to try to fight The Cabal, if you haven’t taken out the people in your own camp that are just going to try to murder you in your sleep. Believe me, they will.  It’s suicide.  The RNC doesn’t want us for our ideals, they want us for our votes. Once they have them, they really don’t care what happens to us.  As long as they get enough votes in enough states to keep them in power within the RNC, they don’t give one darn. 

In fact… actually running anything is dangerous.  Then you get asked questions.  Then you have to take a stand.  And damn us Conservatives with our core values and principles.  We are responsible for getting the leadership in trouble at their dinner parties and yacht club outings.  They are tired of having to apologize for us groundlings that have the temerity to question our betters.  I dare say we’ve been the cause of many a dyspepsia that has made them have to turn down that 4th wave of hors d’ oeuvres at the polo match.

You want to clean up a town; you start with your neighborhood.  You kick out all the parasites and junkies and you do it with ruthlessness.  Then, once you have a base of operations, you can take on other enemies.  We need to crush the RNC leadership and throw them out.  If we lose some Nor-eastern (and maybe even some Southern) RINO fruitbats in the process, who cares?

“And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by”

“…rebuild the Republican Party…”  You can’t rebuild what is still trying to be desperately used as a private cruise ship for blue bloods who feel their birthright is to own a political party.

Right now, the RNC is a battered compromised hull that has no star or rudder.  It’s a foundering pitching listing hulk with a bunch of officers in their pressed whites rearranging its deck chairs.  If they won’t let it be pulled into harbor and fully refitted, then it must be taken over by force and brought in by gunboat instead of tug.  If that can’t be done, then someone has to set the scuttling charges.  Mike, are you the man to do that?  Or do you have some other agenda?  There are some questions you will have to answer before 2012.


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