CNN… Able To Find The Most Obscure Silver Linings.

The Story

Thank you CNN for trying to put lipstick on this pig.  If you guys were standing outside a movie theater, I guess it would be OK for you to pay money to see the least sucky movie rather than just chuck the whole idea and go for a stroll. 

The only thing I wish to comment on is the ending.  So the public hates BOTH ideas on health care.  But the way the piece is written seems to suggest that it’s ok to go with Bad Plan A rather than Bad Plan B.  Here’s a thought, when the AMERICAN PEOPLE, aka: The real bosses, don’t like either plan… GO BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD.  It might be that the AMERICAN PEOPLE don’t really want health care tampered with by a bunch of self-interested self-absorbed jackals.

Saying the Obama plan is better than the GOP plan is like saying drinking water laced with poison is better than drinking Ebola laced water.   I would rather have neither and the fact that one kills me quicker is not really relevant.

Besides, what IS the GOP plan?  Anyone?  Kinda what I thought.  If someone over at RNC headquarters would have Harry Potter come over and issue the following incantation, “Cranious Extractus Gluteus,” you dunder heads may be able to put together a plan better than, “What ever he doesn’t stand for!”  People don’t want this.  You are missing a golden opportunity here.  Oh… I forgot.  You aren’t really opposed to this kind of power grab because someday YOU might be running the show again and then that much power in DC will be OK.


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