Florida 2012

A question about Sotomayor and any BHO appointed Supreme. 

When (didn’t say if.  I wonder why.)… When we have another contested election for the President, a la Florida 2000, that makes it to the Supreme Court.  Will Justices appointed by a sitting President involved in the case recuse themselves? It wasn’t an issue in 2000.  But it may someday be a matter of great concern. 

I ask because it seems likely that more Democrat shenanigans will pull a battleground state into a close vote.  When the lawyers take it all the way to the High Court, having someone that you appointed, and who is therefore indebted to you, rule on your claim on the election seems kind of, maybe, just a little, like a conflict of interest.  It at least has a tainted smell.

I really hope this question doesn’t end up crab-walking into a prediction of events that unfold in 2012.  I really really really pray we don’t come to that.  But WHY do I have that tiny itch in the back of my brain?  UGH!  I hate being me sometimes.


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