Let Me Run This Through Bable Fish.

URL: http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2009/07/21/senator-democrats-baffled-by-presidents-health-care-stance/
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HELP!  We thought we could bury this and get it done before the people caught on.  WE CAN’T!  Unless the President gives us some cover with his rapidly receding coat tails, were going to have to bail on this.  We’re getting calls and no one wants this.  We mean NO ONE.  Everyone who isn’t a special interest group thinks this smells to high heaven and we haven’t got clue one on how to stop this ship from sinking.  And, damn it, we want this bad!  All that other stuff could be undone.  Some jackhole Capitalist could get in the White House and find away to sell the “stock” we own in all that stuff we just bought up with other people’s money.  God, they may get a real nut in there and even convert this to stock for use in privatized Social Security type deals.  We’re getting dizzy just thinking about it.  But Health Care, once it’s done, it’s done.  Once we bankrupt insurance firms and are the only game in town, we OWN these idiots… We mean voters. 

Wow… pretty scary accurate that Bable Fish.


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