National Reciprocity Dies

Edited:To fix errors in spelling.  Note to self: 3AM not a good time to blog.  Hit Save and re-read in the post wakey AM after coffee before you hit Publish. I claim a Lysdexia Mulligan.

The Senate stabs it in the heart while Diane Feinstein dances a jig.  Al Franken had no comment and is reported to still be in disbelife that his practical joke worked and he’s in the Senate.


Ok… I’m not really disappointed.  The only thing I can say is, “THANK GOD!”

Do I want to be able to carry a weapon into the heart of N.Y. N.Y. and have Darth Bloomturd feel a disturbance in the force so strong that he has to call Little Sarah One Note for comfort?  Yes.  Do I want to saunter strapped through the streets of Mordor and thumb my nose are His Royal Hinee, Daily?  Sure.  But do I want the Federal Government anywhere near Concealed Carry?  NO!  NO!  NO! 

They pass a cool sounding bill this year and every few years, for the sake of the children, of course, we’ll have to “standardize” our procedures and have “sensible requirements” added on until the only people who can get licenses are the well connected.  No thank you! 

States Rights

Part of me thinks this was a ruse on the part of Conservatives to get Liberals and Moderates on the record against a gun bill but more over, to suddenly get them all about State’s Rights.  The rest of me doesn’t think the Republican Party is capable of pulling off any grand strategy and has just accidentally been handed something that may be very useful down the way. 

I don’t like the Federal Government telling states what to do with licensing.  But Dante, My drivers license… BLAH BLAH BLAH.  Interstate Commerce all but DEMANDS that they be honored.  Aside from that license, what other license is honored in every state.  Damn few and I can’t think of too many off the top of my head.  Not even marriage is honored in all States.  And try to practice Medicine in Ohio with a Texas license. 

I was a Broker for a few years. Don’t worry, I only had the license to be able to handle the sensitive info on the servers and talk to clients.  I’m not going to try to sell you something. I had to get a Texas license on top of the NASD license.  If I would have gone to Vermont and tried to pass myself off as a broker in that state without getting the Vermont license, I’d be, at the very least, fined out the so-long-chow gateway.

States DO have rights when it comes to licensing and always have. 

Right to Keep and Bear…

The Constitution gives us the right to concealed carry.  Right?  So the Federal Government would simply be codifying it in law just like the Civil Rights Act reaffirms that is WRONG to discriminate.  Right?

Well…  First off, if The Constitution recognizes (not grants) our God given right to keep and bear arms, why would we want the Federal Government meddling in that right?  The capriciousness of DC on issues makes it a dead certainty that the law would be revoked or manipulated in such a way as to make it impossible to navigate.  Then you are dealing with a national battle that would make it harder to get back the ground we’ve already gained on the State level. 

Secondly, there is a possibly valid argument that concealed carry MAY NOT be recognized by The Constitution.  I know… many are screaming, “HERESY!”   Please, hear me out.  The understanding of the connection between arms and freedom was one with which The Framers were intimately and bloodily familiar; hence there desire that any man be able to KEEP his arms.  Add to that the European sensibility that “concealing” a weapon was somehow low and dishonest and that display of a weapon was a sign of power and title, and you have a case to suggest that OPEN carry was what The Frames had in mind and not concealed. 

I’m not certain if I agree with this argument or not, but IF that is the case then it certainly falls to the States then to regulate it WITHOUT interference from the Federal Government.

Political Fallout

Why make a victory for the other side (no matter how small it is) so easy to achieve?  There was NO CHANCE this was going to pass.  Now anti-gun groups are patting themselves on the back for a job well done.  We’d been bloodying them left and right for years now, why give them something to re-energize their base?  There had better be a good reason past grand standing by some Senators. 

This bill does seem to have had a few Dem Senators running to the right for cover. Was this done to bring up the issue of guns for the purpose of putting pressure on supposed Blue Dog Dems in The House?  The issue of guns has been kept WAY OFF the front page by everyone in the DNC and the State Run Media.  Does this force it back to the fore?  It doesn’t seem like it.  Or at least not enough to stay in people’s minds until 2010.    

Will Thune get a huge boost out of this?  Maybe.  Does he have plans for 2012?  Possibly.  Hell, I could have plans for 2012 in the GOP.  It’s not like there’s a plethora of willing and capable candidates out there with R’s next to there name.

Right now, the only real winner (besides the temporary morale stroke for the antis) I see in this is State’s Rights.  And as I asked earlier, was this planned or merely a happy byproduct?    Time will tell.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to get my flame suit on.  I’m sure I’m going to catch some warmth for my stance.


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