Stand By Your Man.

CNN, once again showing that they can’t really bring themselves to report the truth without cringing and trying to pile snow on the dung pile, has yet another “Look, the Emperor has no clothes; but we’ve got some whole cloth here” story.  The basic truth is that the American People aren’t happy with the n00bie-in-Chief on the economy or healthcare.  You know, only his key positions.  The reasons he got elected.  No biggie. 

Add to that Obama and the State run Media (formerly MSM) are the only ones talking.  This is REAL bad news for The FNG.  When your white wash job is the ONLY thing getting press in the formal Politburo approved outlets and your numbers are dropping, you have a major problem.  That means NO ONE really likes it and you are only holding onto the crowd that gets its news from Entertainment Tonight.

BUT NEVER FEAR CITIZEN!  Das Wunderkind is smoking the competition on Foreign Policy.  What Foreign Policy has there been to rate?  Traveling around and smiling at Dictators while ducking hard questions at home?  He’s gone abroad and played the “nice guy” with other leaders.  I dare say there hasn’t been anything for him to HAVE to respond to.  Let’s take a look at those numbers 6 to 12 months AFTER he brings his n00b cannons to bear on a real international crisis.  Although he may just pull a Clinton and avoid any hard decisions and simply stick to the ones that can appear to be solved from 20 thousand feet.

And don’t worry all you Daily Kos readers; TheOne™ is still beating the GOP in approval.  Well… there’s a story for you.  A similar story may be, “NEWS FLASH:  Brittany Spears less stoned than Amy Winehouse!”  For all intents and purposes, the GOP could be considered “OTHER” on just about any poll.  You know the question: “Do you support 1) Barrak Obama, 2) Sarah Palin, 3) Ron Paul, 4) Other?”   The GOP stands for nothing.  Oh wait.  That’s not entirely true.  They stand for “We’re not Obama.”  A somewhat effective strategy once your opponent’s ratings are around 30%; but not really a “Rally ‘round the flag boys!” inspirational message.

One can only imagine what this story would have been like if the President was a Republican?  I seem to remember there was an “Iraq War Death Watch” type vigil over President Bush’s numbers when they started to drop.  “Will his numbers get any lower?”  “His numbers have slipped, what will they be next?”   But then again, we don’t see the death toll from the Middle East anymore, so why should be expect to see stories like that. 

A mere 7 months into His Reign as Savior and Most High, BHO’s bloom is off the rose. Even with a State run Media full court press and BHO’s own, “OH TEH NOEZ!” Speech, Universal Healthcare is exposing the flaws in His Most Beneficent Visage.  People are realizing that the knee jerk “we have to fix this yesterday so don’t bother to read the text” approach to governance may not be the best way to take care of our nation, let alone our bodies.


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