Why Can’t They Say What They Desperately Want To Say?

Follow up to this post

What CNN would LOVE to have been able to report is:

“Barack Obama’s numbers are indeed down.  But it doesn’t matter.  We own the House and the Senate.  Within 3 years we’ll own the Supreme Court too.  So whether you like it or not Mr. and Mrs. America, you are going to be Socialists before 2012.  Now just lighten up and relax and this will go a lot smoother for you.  You’ll have much less bruising and we won’t have to call you names and slap you around if you just lie back and let this happen.  Remember, you told us we could do this in November.  It’s much too late to get demure on us now.”

So why does CNN and the DNC have to worry about public opinion?  Oh yes… That’s right.  Even if they can rewrite the House rules and keep the majority… Even if they can defraud their way into keeping the Senate… Even if they can lie their way back into the White House, they still have to worry about riots and people storming the Palace.  Hmm… If it works in countries with a population armed with farm implements, I wonder what happens in a country that has 31 flavors of rifles on every block? 

OH HELL!  I Guess I just made the watch list.


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