Left 4 Dead Solitary Rules: Part 1

No matter how hard you try to sneak by the Witch to gain an achievement, one of the AI players will bump into her and ruin it.  It’s like some jackhole coming up to a pitcher with a perfect game going into the bottom of the 9th and saying, “Great game! You’re gonna get this one for sure!” 

You can’t depend on the AI players to get your back when you are on the minigun.  ‘Nuff said.

Just as you have the perfect candidate for a Spinal Tap (Achievement), one of the AI players will take a shot at it.

Trying to shove and then dispatch a Boomer to get the Clean Kill achievement is near impossible with those bed wetting AI players freaking out and shooting at it when you are 2 feet from it. 

You can’t establish an effective defensive perimeter. Apparently the AI doesn’t understand the concept of Interlocking Arcs of Fire because the AI players move around like ADHD kinds on crack laced Jolt Cola when defending a fixed position from an oncoming Horde.

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