Fear Your Shadow! It May Attack You!

Why tell the truth when you can just redefine words?

In that deeply thought out piece, the author folds, spindles, and mutilates the words and the truth to fit his desire to paint the US Health Insurance Industry as having your health hanging by a thread.  “Fear of loss” is the only thing the left has left to scare you with.  They know you like the system the way it is and only want some minor tweaks.  But what if citizen… Yes… WHAT IF!!!   What if tomorrow you lost your health care.  What if tomorrow you found out that nothing was safe.  What if life really is risky!  Now are you scared enough to give them your proxy for everything then want?

His assertions, in short, are that you don’t have insurance because you can be dropped and when you can be dropped from your coverage then that really isn’t insurance.   No!  You socialist language rapist, that IS insurance.  A program that you CAN NOT be dropped from is an ENTITLEMENT.  We don’t have a US Health Entitlement Industry; we have a Health Insurance Industry.  An industry, coupled with our healthcare industry, I might add, has led to some of the best medicine the world has ever seen. 

Exactly how many countries with and entitlement based systems of healthcare have people flying to them regularly for life saving and life altering treatment?  We are not talking about Shaws and Potentates with tetchy tickers.  We are talking about everyday people flown in to make them walk or give them a fighting chance at life. 

You can redefine words in the grandest tradition of your Marxists heroes but you can’t change the truth.  CALL THIS WHAT IT IS!  YOU DON’T WANT INSURANCE, YOU WANT ENTITLEMENTS!  You want every person to be covered by an entitlement so you can feel good about life and go to sleep believing that everyone is happy.  Well they won’t be.  How many people were happy in the USSR were everything was free but nothing was available.  That’s what you will get in Nationalized Healthcare.  All the care will be free, but nothing will be available.

All you will be doing is sharing the misery.  All you will be doing is insuring that the healthcare industry in the U.S. becomes a hollow hospice care system shuffling those who are not cost effective off to rooms to die.

All you will be doing is giving the ultimate control of human life to a bunch of bureaucrats with no oversight who can say that not only are you not fit to live because you don’t fit the profile of person who is worth paying for, but your actions “don’t fit the nominal actions of someone who the state is paying for” so you can’t go climb that mountain or even eat that cheeseburger.

Worse yet, since only the government will be able to pay for your medical, there is no competition.  You can’t say, “I don’t like this plan!  I want to climb mountains or eat cheeseburgers so I’ll go with Aetna.”  Sorry citizen, that is unapproved. 

Insurance is NOT for your COMPLETE protection.  The LIE spread by Socialists that somehow life should be free from all worry and that some benevolent nanny state should pay for everything is insidious.  There has only been ONE TIME in my life that someone else paid for everything and that was when I lived with my parents.  Remember the old saying, “My house, my rules!”  Well that’s exactly what you get when you give others power over you.  They get to make the rules.  And that is exactly what you will get when Nanny State Health Co-op is all there is.  “We’re sorry, but you are 75 and that hip really isn’t going to do much for you in the long run.”   “We’re sorry; you’ve already got 4 children.  We really can’t pay for number 5.  We will pay for the termination, however, but not the birth nor can they be covered after birth since they are unapproved.”  “We’re sorry, your child has a birth defect and he would just be too much burden on the system.  We’ve scheduled the abortion for later today.  Please comply.”

Oh… I’m being melodramatic?  Please take a look at China, Nazi Germany, and The USSR.  All of them Nationalized Healthcare Systems with all people wards of the state; yet, no one with a voice to say, “NO!” 

But you go on thinking that your Socialist Utopia is workable even given every evidence in history that it isn’t.  I guess it makes you sleep better at night thinking that you are trying to save everyone from themselves.  However, some of us like to climb our own mountains, make our own meals, and decide for ourselves what is right.  Some of us know life isn’t guaranteed and are happy with that.  I guess we just aren’t as enlightened and civilized as you are.


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