Snitch To Der Fuhrer Und Get A Secret Brownshirt Decoder Ring!

Calm down, Comrade Citizen!  We are doing what we need to do to protect you.  You already told us we could.  We don’t have to listen to you now.  Don’t you understand that it’s too late!  Speaking up at this point could be dangerous to your health.  …We mean HEALTHCARE!

So do your duty Comrade Citizen!  Report all incorrect thoughts to the authorities so that all errors in thinking may be… corrected. 

And to illustrate just what the DNC, Congress, and Obama think about you, read this little quote from the article:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said lawmakers will continue to press for reform “in spite of the loud, shrill voices trying to interrupt town hall meetings.”

Gotcha Harry!  A majority of the populace upset at your Healthcare disaster and it’s, “…loud, shrill voices.”  I’m so glad that you cleared that up for us.  I guess when you have a protected “Senate Seat for Life” you can ignore the will of the people and just reduce them to “…loud, shrill voices” in the distance while you help Obama tune his fiddle.

America?  Seems like all that “Hope and Change” don’t feel so good in the morning when they are smacking you on the tail and telling you they left cab fare on the table?

They got what they wanted from you America; Total Control.  You don’t get a voice now.  How DARE you even try to have a voice now?

So how does it feel to finally get what you deserve for flirting with Socialism for so long?  Feels good?  No. 

No?  Really?  Oh well, I hope all the change hasn’t made it too late for YOU to do anything about it?


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