Hell’s Bells Hill!

With the Obama Circus stealing all the headlines, it’s easy to forget about the Clinton Side Show.  But leave it to one of the Clintons to find a way back into the spot light

First off, let me say I can understand Hillary’s anger.  Bill is nothing right now.  He’s off chasing tail in parts unknown until he pops up for an obligatory sound bite on whatever the State Run Media wants a lackluster, scripted, and “in the tank for Obama” comment on.   What the hell does anyone care what he thinks?  He’s got about as much relevance to the Geopolitical World as Anna Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson do with the recycling O2 into CO2. 

So when we see her lose it, it’s rather justified on a personal and professional level.  If this had been a press conference held while she was a Senator, then I’d be right behind her in her rage.  “How dare you ask what Bill thinks when I’m the one bringing home the bacon!”  Right on SISTA’!  

HOWEVER, Hill, you are the Secretary of State, dear heart.  People are going to tell you things that are going to frost your pants suited buns on regular basis.  “We want to blow up your country!”  “We will not release the hostages!” “We still have those pictures of your husband and the waitress from the last time he visited us!”  You are going to have to learn some way to speak with an even keel and moderate your tone.  The Secretary of State should be a calm figure; i.e. the “good cop.”  The Secretary of Defense can be the “bad cop.”  Even the President can be the “bad cop.”  But you, as Secretary of State, always have to be the good one.  The even tempered one.  The one that speaks in gentle tones saying, “Nice doggy,” while the 6th fleet steams to a staging area to begin hostilities. 

Lastly, Hill, you are the Secretary of State.  No one gives a DAMN what you have to say on a matter of State Business.  No one cares what YOU THINK!  You are the mouth piece of the, God help us, Obama Administration.  What YOU THINK isn’t worth a “quickie” in a Smart Car.  Your retort should not have been filled with bile about them not wanting to know what YOU thought.  You should have set them straight on the fact that you represent the President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama and it doesn’t matter what William Jefferson Clinton OR Hillary Rodham Clinton think.  You gave up the right to publicly express your opinion on matters of Foreign Affairs when you said you would take the job.

“Well…,” said with a smile on your face and no hint of frustration in your voice, “I can’t really go into what my husband thinks about this topic because he, as much as I love him and respect his opinion, is not the President.  I would be HAPPY to discuss what President Obama has to say on the subject.  But as to what my husband has to say,” You continue to smile blithely, “I’m afraid you will have to contact him directly.”   

Isn’t that more Stately?  Isn’t that more of what The People’s Comrade Foreign Minister should do in a situation of stressful ambiguity that threatens to undermine, not only her credibility, but her boss’?   

This, my friends, is an example of the professionals that TheOne™ has chosen to shepherd us into all that “hope and change.”  People who don’t even understand what their jobs should be and don’t have the deportment to even fake it.  The whole lot is simply unqualified to be in charge.  Our country’s reputation, economy, and laws are all suffering for it.


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