Hoping For A Snark Free Friday

I would like to ask TheOne™, Congress, and all politicians to STFU* today.  I would really like to have a single day where some overpaid ex-lawyer, who likes the sound of having “The Honorable…” forced in front of his or her own name with all the irony of a Keith Richards scolding a kid for doing drugs, doesn’t sound like an idiot for supporting a plan to destroy this country.  I would love one day where some yahoo (Donk or RINO) doesn’t dress down the American People for having the audacity to questions their “Gaw-dah Given” right to force us into submission. 

I fear the only way I’m going to get that is boycott all news today; which, honestly, isn’t a bad idea. 

Anyway… I’ve come up with a new slogan (I hope, I have such bad memory; I could have seen it someplace). It’s on the right hand side in graphic form.  I hope it works.

Dissent is born from the simple reality that Government must prove its case to us, NOT vice versa.

For all I know, I might have read that in a book.  Either way, I’m sure it puts me one step closer to a Watch List.  Maybe some Brownshirt will report me to Snitch@Whitehouse.gov?  Ah… how my FBI file does pant at the thought of growing even larger.  Oh well… see you all at the gulag re-education camp Government Sponsored Retreat and Contemplation Center someday soon.

* “Sierra Tango Foxtrot Uniform” is properly read as “Shut The FRACK Up,” thank you very much!

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